Teacher's Aide or Assistant Resume Sample or CV Example

This teacher's aide or assistant teacher resume sample or CV was written for someone changing careers to education. She is a new teacher with no experience.

We developed this education job resume using a functional format, which can be used for career changers or new teachers. A functional format places most of the emphasis of the resume on the applicant's skills and accomplishments and less on professional experience. So, for someone who lacks relevant job experience, this can be the best option for some job seekers. Learning more about different resume formats is helpful to decide what is best for your background and career objectives.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

It's important to have a strong resume profile, as we wrote in this teacher's aide resume sample, to create interview interest. Underneath her job target title is a tagline, "Dedicated to the safety and education of young children", which grabs the reader's attention. The professional profile details her related skills, educational philosophy, and ability to establish a positive rapport with all students, staff and parents.

Jenny, a mother, recently completed a certificate in Early Childhood Development and fulfilled a practical student requirement. Aside from this teacher related experience, she held part-time, non-relevant paid jobs. Because of this lack of relevant experience, her resume focuses only on the practicum experience she gained. Follow this hyperlink if you want an in-depth post on early childhood resume writing tips

Her education and practical experience is showcased to make them stand out. Her practical work experience has been divided into three sections based on the skill the bullet point demonstrates. The three skill sets used are strong and relevant to be a teacher's assistant: accomplishments, planning and organizing, and parent communication and teamwork.

Incorporating a powerful testimonial or quote from her time as a student teacher helps to solidify what she can offer a school district. This teacher aide resume uses color and an appropriate graphic to draw the reader's eye and focus his/her attention.

This example teacher's aide or assistant resume shows Jenny's enthusiasm for education and compassion toward young children. It also has visually appealing formatting with an apple icon at the top left-corner, a striking border, and the use of shading and colored fonts to highlight certain sections.

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Teacher's aide resume example

We have also designed an eye-catching cover letter that effectively complements this sample teacher's aide resume, and prompts the reader to discover more about the job candidate.

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