Elementary Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

This elementary teacher resume sample is outstanding! It highlights the teaching skills that Donna-Marie can bring to the school and its students. It is visually appealing, concise, and to the point. These are all things that you want in an elementary teacher resume to land an interview and a new job. If you are looking for resume writing ideas to write a resume for Kindergarten-Grade 6 teaching position this sample will give you some assistance on what to include and what to leave out.

We create many elementary teaching resumes; whether you are a new, experienced, or veteran teacher connect with us if you need help! All the elementary education resumes we write are unique to the individual and end up as excellent as this one. It's important to keep enough white space in the document to make the resume easy to read and to contribute to making the important points stand out.

It's important to utilize a variety of different formatting, such as bullet points, tables, headers, and paragraphs. These elements help the recruiter, school principal, or hiring manager to navigate the resume quickly, as most employers scan a resume in under 30 seconds.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

This example is unique and includes a section for areas of proficiency, professional profile, and strengths, which immediately tell the readers: "This teacher is qualified; you must read on!" Donna-Marie's education and credentials are critical, which is why we also listed them on the first page.

You will notice many relevant keywords critical to secure a teaching position, especially if the resume is scanned. It's important to include education keywords to your specific area of teaching because it will help your resume get scanned by the applicant tracking system or resume scanning software. This resume includes keywords such as: Individual Education Plans, Anecdotal Records, Character Education, and Guided Reading, among others.

The use of color makes this elementary instructor resume sample stand out! The appealing shade of green draws the eye to Donna-Marie's core teaching skills, while the graphics in the header and large font for her name will not let the reader forget her name. Graphics are good to use in certain professions, and elementary teaching is one of them. It shows that you are the right type of person to teach young students by including a fun, bright, and teaching-related icon.

This example resume is very easy to navigate and conveys all the skills and traits a hiring administrator is looking for.

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Elementary Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

Don't forget to scrutinize page two of this resume example for an elementary teacher to examine more teaching accomplishments, which are critical to secure an interview. Education career development and professional organizations and community initiatives are also included on the second page of this elementary teacher resume.

You can also view the elementary teacher cover letter that complements this resume.

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