Music Teacher Resume Sample

This music teacher resume sample shows the job seeker's expertise, the appreciation she has for music and her desire to share that with her students. This example includes a visually appealing, music specific icon, as well as a sharp border which really make the resume stand out.

You will notice many relevant keywords throughout this music teacher resume sample as well as in the key strengths table, such as inquiry-based learning, multi-sensory lessons, musicianship skills, and student motivation. These keywords, or educational buzzwords, are essential if the resume is scanned by applicant tracking software. You want your resume to get through so it can be viewed by a human eye.

We included a compelling resume introduction or profile in this music instructor resume sample to demonstrate Julie's ability to tailor lessons to meet students' diverse needs. This flows into a section on key strengths that immediately grabs the reader's eye, reassuring him or her that Julie is indeed a great job candidate and should be offered a teaching job interview right away!

Teachers Resume Writing Process

We've placed Julie's education on the first page of the resume because she has recent relevant credentials that need to be front and center. Her master's degree in music education and her bachelor's degree in education, as well as her certifications in music show that she is an extremely qualified candidate.

Her teaching experience begins with her two most recent positions as a music teacher at an elementary school and middle school. You will notice that we have bolded the information about her position, the school and the dates of her position to make them stand out. Her daily teaching duties have been put into a short paragraph, followed by her accomplishments in bullets.

Julie's accomplishments have been placed in bullets so that they will stand out more. Accomplishments are the most important part of your resume because it shows your value and the difference you can make for a school community.

We have included strong career accomplishments for Julie, including: "Selected by school principal to initiate a choral program; advertised program and recruited large group of students to actively participate in middle school music festival; students achieved first place".

Music Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

This sample Music Teacher resume is spaced out well, and spans two full pages. White space has been incorporated properly, and there are no large gaps between sections or at the end of the educator resume. Julie's job responsibilities are listed under each prior position, with correlating accomplishments laid out in a bullet-point format, making it easy for the reader to identify them.

You will notice that the second page has included a page header that contains her name and the page number. This is important, as all pages of your application should contain your name, and by including the page number, this ensures that your resume will remain intact with all pages included.

The second page of Julie's resume continues her professional experiences with three music teacher roles followed by her student teaching practicum. Once again, we have described Julie's duties and accomplishments in additional music teaching positions. We have made sure to highlight different responsibilities and achievements that show her ability to teach music to a wide variety of student populations in different grade levels and school communities.

Achievements are the most important part of a resume, so make sure to include them in your music teacher resume. Instead of just listing your duties and skills, accomplishments show your value by explaining what you have done for a school in the past, letting a potential school know what you can do for them in the future.

Achievements should follow the C.A.R. method: challenge, action, result. What was a challenge you faced, what actions did you take to solve it, and what was the result?

For instance, in Julie's resume, one of her accomplishments is as follows: Offered extra, individualized tutoring to two particular students that were struggling with Level IV materials; simplified terms and utilized unique materials to clearly communicate concepts, resulting in all students advancing to the next level.

This music teacher resume example integrates Julie's recent and current community and professional education activities, showing she gives her own time, after hours. This section also demonstrates the job seeker's various skills and interests, which make her a well-rounded educator within and outside the classroom.

We have also incorporated an area on professional development, showcasing her ability and desire to stay up-to-date on her educational training.

Music Teacher Resume Sample - Page 2

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Julie June Brown
789 Miller Avenue • Somewhere, CA 77777
Phone: 555-333-8888 • Email:


~ Versatile ~ Dedicated ~ Enthusiastic ~

Multi-talented teaching professional committed to providing a solid education and instilling music appreciation in all students. Talent for integrating cooperative learning, multiculturalism, and educational field trips to vary lesson plans and provide a well-rounded learning experience for students. Proven ability for tailoring lessons to meet students' diverse needs and capture their interest and imagination. Compassionate and inspiring; maintain a motivated and well-disciplined classroom where each student feels special, cared for, and successful. Trustworthy educator with exceptional communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills to cultivate strong relationships with parents, students, and all members of the school community. Key strengths include:

  • Creative Lesson Plan Development
  • Musicianship Skill
  • Multi-Sensory Lessons
  • Individualized Education Plans
  • Quality Music Programs
  • Student Motivation
  • Whole Group Learning
  • Performance Assessments
  • Technology Integration



Master of Music in Music Education (2014)

University of California, San Diego, California

Bachelor of Arts in Education (2001)

ABC College, San Francisco, California

California Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential: Music, Pre-K-12
California High School Certificate with Elementary Endorsement: Music, K-12



ABC Middle School – Somewhere, CA  2014 – Present
Music Teacher
Develop and present stimulating lesson plans that cover a wide range of topics and foster music appreciation. Instruct students in the technical aspects of music; conduct rehearsals; put on shows and play at assemblies. Evaluate student progress; offer one-on-one or after-school help to ensure each student is able to understand the materials and develop his/her skills. Direct the school choir and marching band.

  • Selected by Principal to initiate a choral program; advertised program and recruited large group of students to actively participate in middle school music festival; students achieved 1st place.

DEF Elementary School – Somewhere, CA  2012 – 2014
Music Teacher
Created and implemented daily lessons that accommodated multiple intelligences, aligned with the curriculum and state standards. Instilled a sense of music appreciation and encouraged students to expand their interests. Organized and chaperoned field trips to musical presentations. Developed strong working relationships with all students to make certain that they felt welcome, at ease, and appropriately challenged within the classroom.

  • Integrated cooperative learning activities and multicultural lessons to raise class participation levels, demonstrate cultural diversity in music, and enhance students' academic and social skills.

GHI Student's Chorus – Somewhere, CA  2011 – 2012
Musician Instructor
Taught four divisions of students, made up of 180 children ranging from ages 8-16. Instructed Level IV Musicianship, which focused on key signatures, primary triads, and an increasing knowledge of music terminology while continuing music reading skills with solfège. Established a good rapport with all children, ensuring that they felt safe and cared for.

  • Offered extra, individualized tutoring to two particular students that were struggling with Level IV materials; simplified terms and utilized unique materials to clearly communicate concepts, resulting in all students advancing to the next level.

XYZ Elementary School – Somewhere, CA  2011 – 2011
Music Teacher
Designed and presented fun and motivating lessons that explained the fundamentals of music. Utilized various manipulatives and hands-on activities to actively engage students and consolidate important concepts. Established a reward system and provided positive reinforcement to maintain a productive and focused classroom. Held parent-teacher conferences to keep parents informed of their child's academic progress. Attended all staff meetings and professional development workshops.

  • Collaborated with colleagues to organize a fundraiser to send 5th grade students on an over-night field trip to a music-oriented museum and instrumental performance.

Self-Employed – Somewhere, CA   1999 – 2001
Private Music Instructor
Provided instrumental, vocal, and music training for children ages 6-16. Tailored lesson plans and integrated a wide range of activities and materials to accommodate all styles of learners. Offered praise and positive encouragement to keep students motivated and eager to learn and progress.

RST Elementary School – Somewhere, CA   1998
Student Teacher
Completed practicum requirements in a 3rd grade classroom. Observed classroom teacher for an initial period and took over regular classroom duties for the last 10 weeks. Developed and implemented well-balanced lesson plans that reached out to each student and facilitated their diverse capabilities. Supervised, disciplined, and assessed children on a daily basis.



Technology Integration ~ Team Building ~ Music Appreciation ~ Music Educators Masterclass Series
Bringing Multiculturalism to the Classroom ~ Achieving a Motivated Classroom
Accommodating the Hearing-Impaired

Community / Professional ACTIVITIES

Music Educators Association, 2011-Present
California Music Educators Association, 2011-Present
California Teachers Society, 2011-Present
Volunteer, Girl Guides, 2015-Present
Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity, 2015-2017
Volunteer, Soup Kitchen, 2014-2017

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