Music Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

This music teacher resume sample shows the job seeker's expertise, the appreciation she has for music and her desire to share that with her students. This example includes a visually appealing, music specific icon, as well as a sharp border which really make the resume stand out.

You will notice many relevant keywords throughout this music teacher resume sample as well as in the key strengths table, such as inquiry-based learning, multi-sensory lessons, musicianship skills, and student motivation. These keywords, or educational buzzwords, are essential if the resume is scanned by applicant tracking software. You want your resume to get through so it can be viewed by a human eye.

This music instructor resume sample includes a compelling introduction or profile that demonstrates Julie's ability to tailor lessons to meet students' diverse needs. This flows into a section on key strengths that immediately grabs the reader's eye, reassuring him or her that Julie is indeed a great job candidate and should be offered a teacher job interview right away!

We've placed Julie's education on the first page of this music teacher resume sample because she has recent relevant credentials that need to be front and center. Her master's degree in music education and her bachelor's degree in education, as well as her certifications in music show that she is an extremely qualified candidate.

Her teaching experience begins with her two most recent positions as a music teacher at an elementary school and middle school. You will notice that we have bolded the information about her position, the school and the dates of her position to make them stand out. Her daily teaching duties have been put into a short paragraph, followed by her accomplishments in bullets.

Julie's accomplishments have been placed in bullets so that they will stand out more. Accomplishments are the most important part of your resume because it shows your value and the difference you can make for a school community.

We have included strong career accomplishments for Julie, including: "Selected by school principal to initiate a choral program; advertised program and recruited large group of students to actively participate in middle school music festival; students achieved first place".

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Music Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

Don't forget to scrutinize page two of this

resume example for a music teacher to examine more teaching accomplishments. Education career development and community and professional activities are also included on the second page of this music teacher resume.

You can also view the music teacher cover letter that complements this resume.

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