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Dear fellow educator,

If you have been trying to land your dream teaching job but have not been getting the interviews you deserve, you have come to the right webpage.

Having a compelling resume and cover letter that adequately display your achievements and credentials will make you stand out from the rest of the pack. In this economy you cannot afford to be overlooked! Win the interviews that you so rightly deserve by learning how to create an interview generating resume and cover letter.

Looking for a job isn't all that different from teaching a new concept or course. You get the assignment, review the materials, and make a timeline of what to teach and when to test — so why is writing a resume any different? The answer is; it's NOT. If you can write a lesson plan, you can write a resume. All it takes is time, practice and 101 A+ Teacher Resume and Cover Letter Writing Tips.


A+ Teacher Resume and Cover Letter Writing Tips ebook


Learn How to Write a Winning Cover Letter and a Compelling Resume That Gets Results


With the economy forcing people to move up or down the career ladder, follow spouses, or rethink careers entirely, this is one book you cannot do without. It answers the most frequently asked questions as well as the ones you might not think to ask.

Such as...


Answers to these questions and many more are in A+ Teacher Resume and Cover Letter Writing Tips.

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You Can Write a Lesson Plan in Your Sleep-So Why Can't You Write a Resume and Cover Letter That Grabs the Reader's Attention in a Positive Way?


With 101 A+ Teacher Resume and Cover Letter Writing Tips you can! You will learn invaluable information on how to make your resume and cover letter stand out and say what you've always wanted it to say... that you are the right person for the job.


The Difference Between A Mediocre Resume And An Awesome Resume is That One Will Get you on the Short List.


Preparation is the key to getting the teaching position of your dreams. It all starts with an attention grabbing cover letter and an awesome resume targeting your desired position and this eBook shows you how to do it.


You will learn how to...


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Whether it's just time to move on, or your choice was made for you, this guide will help make it easier to write cover letters and resumes that will land you the perfect job.

You won't be asked for interviews unless you know what employers are specifically looking for when they sift through all their applications. I've been creating job winning resumes and cover letters for teachers for over 17 years. I know what works, and I want to pass along my knowledge to you!

I want to help as many teachers as I can land the interviews they want. That is why I've decided to release this eBook that reveals all the secrets of creating interview winning resumes and cover letters. Never before has this information been available, so why not take advantage?


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The tips and tricks for resume and cover letter writing are fabulous. I didn't realize a lot of the little things were important. No wonder my resume and cover letter lacked impressive content and visual appeal. I can now say I am proud of my two job documents.



This is a great resource for any teacher or principal to help them write their own resume and cover letter. I have enjoyed your other eBooks as well. Keep sharing and I will continue to be successful in my teaching career Candace. The free templates are just the best and easiest to work with. They are well worth the price as a single product.



But Why Listen to Me?

Candace Alstad-Davies

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Candace Alstad-Davies. I am the owner of A+ Resumes for Teachers, which has been online for over 16 years. In that time, I have helped thousands of educators land the jobs they wanted to secure. Whether they were new teachers, veterans, vice principals, or principals, etc., they have all benefited from my expertise.  Now I have put it all together into an e-book, to help others who choose not to order our resume and cover letter


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BONUS #1 - Four Free Teacher Resume Templates and Four Free Teacher Cover Letter Templates

Eight free Resume and cover letter templates to guide you...

Don't just cut-n-paste! Use the tips in A+ Teacher Resume and Cover Letter Writing Tips to polish your resume.


BONUS #2 - 10 Thank you letter templates

You will have access to...

Once you have your resume and cover letter completed and attend your first interview you will need these.

All of the above teacher resume templates are downloadable as MS Word files. However, they are not the generic templates that are found in MS Word software. These templates are custom designed by A+ Resumes for Teachers and are specific to the education field.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the A+ Teacher Resume and Cover Letter Writing Tips, I will refund your money within 30 days of purchase - no questions asked.

This eBook is NOT mailed as a hard copy book... it is NOT available in book stores. You will receive an immediate link to download the eBook as a PDF allowing you to save it on your computer. You can either read it on you computer or print it off and read it where you like.

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In Today's Competitive Job Market You Really Need to Have an Accomplishment-based, Visually-appealing, Keyword Rich Resume and Cover Letter.


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P.S. This guide and bonuses will help you turn your resume and cover letter into an interview and ultimately a job offer.

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Candace Alstad-DaviesI am so confident the A+ Teacher Resume and Cover Letter Writing Tips is the best resume and cover letter guide for teachers that if you're not satisfied for any reason I will refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Candace by email at candoco@telus.net or Call Toll Free: 1-877-738-8052


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P.P.P.S. Remember A+ Resumes for Teachers is a well-rounded company that can help you develop the perfect resume, cover letter, biography, philosophy statement, etc, necessary for attaining your dream job. Let us help you land that position!