CV or Resume Formats for Teaching Job Applications

Did you know there are several different CV or resume formats you can choose from for teaching job application depending on your situation?

Certain resume styles or formats are used in different career situations to highlight your information in the best possible way. Choosing the optimal layout for your resume will drastically increase your chance of landing job interviews.

Does your document market your relevant skills and career background in the best possible way?

There are four different kinds of formats that you can use to develop your teacher resume. They include: chronological; functional; combination; and academic curriculum vitae or CV.

Don’t forget, submitting the correct application letter format for teaching is vital to every application.

Let’s take a closer look at the four different types formats you can choose for your resume when searching for a teaching job.

Curriculum Vitae CV or Resume Formats for Teacher Job Applications


Four Types of Resume and CV Formats for Education Job Applications


Chronological Resume

The formatting of a chronological resume is the most common and most widely used. When you think of a resume, this is most likely the format you are picturing. This style of resume is formatted by the placement of employment dates - the most recent position first and going back 10-15 years. It is used to focus on the jobs you held and the schools or companies where you worked.

Recruiters and hiring managers tend to like this format because it's easy to read and demonstrates job seekers' continuous career growth. This popular format is used when you have had a steady career history within education. It is ideal for showing career advancement, a lack of employment gaps, and for applying to teaching jobs as an experienced educator.

Functional Resume

This style of resume is organized by relevant skills or functions instead of by previous jobs. These accomplishments are near the beginning of the resume and will make up the bulk of your resume. List the record of employment after the list of core skills and the accomplishments relevant to education but without responsibilities.

This resume will be appealing to you if you have a work history that is imperfect, have large gaps of unemployment, or if you are a career changer moving into education. This formatting style makes it easier to conceal these imperfections from employers. By placing a larger emphasis on relevant skills and accomplishments that will be valuable to school districts or organizations, you are taking their attention away from your imperfect work record.  

Hiring managers and recruiters usually dislike this format, as it's easier to disguise a poor work record. However, it does work well for problem careers, job hoppers, older workers, career transitioners, or academic deficiencies. There are ways to overcome employment gaps in your resume.

Combination Resume

A combination resume mixes the two above formats. It takes the best ideas from chronological resumes and functional resumes and combines them. This format of teacher resume is ideal for professionals who have an impressive set of accomplishments, work experience, as well as job duties from previous positions. There are numerous teacher resume writing tips that will help you decide what is the perfect amount of relevant content to include to grab the readers’ attention.

If you have a lot of teaching experience already, this can be an excellent choice for you, as it allows you to showcase your relevant skills and accomplishments while also briefly describing your professional experiences. Additionally, if you are a job changer, this is a great format because it allows you to easily highlight your transferable skills.

In a combination resume, information is organized in relevant skills and functions, followed by job titles, schools/companies and a brief description of responsibilities. The combination resume is very well received by hiring authorities. This powerful presentation shows relevant skills and accomplishments at the beginning, but is later supported by the strong employment section.

With any resume style you choose, please review these education resume formatting tips to please the reader’s eye. The last thing you want is an ugly looking resume or CV.

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Academic Curriculum Vitae Format

A CV is a comprehensive statement, which can run anywhere from 3 to 20 pages, emphasizing your educational background, professional qualifications, achievements, teaching experience, research experience, professional development, and professional activities.

It is much more detailed than a standard formatting style and so, therefore, has no limits to its length. A curriculum vitae is more of a narrative presentation of material rather than accomplishment-based. CVs usually begin with "Education" and details of your doctoral dissertation, followed by academic accomplishments such as awards, presentations, teaching, lectures, publications, committees, research, and other relevant professional pursuits.

This format works for specialized professions and academia, including scientists, academics, and physicians. The academic higher education CV format is most often used by higher education college instructors or university professors because of the huge emphasis placed on academia-related information.

Now that you know the differences between the four types of resumes, you will be better able to pick the best formatting style for your teaching job applications.

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