Teacher Job Interview Tips to Secure a Dream Education Job

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Here Are a Few Questions to Ask Yourself to Prepare for Your Next Teaching Interview

Teacher Job Interview Tips to Secure a Dream Education Job

So you've just landed a job interview for the education job of your dreams! As an experienced teacher you know you're prepared for the interview, but are you really? Let's look at some interview questions that you may not have anticipated.

If you answered NO to any of the questions above, then you need to keep reading!

A job interview is not just something you do; it's not simply a part of life. A job interview is a chance at accomplishing your dreams! It's the first step on the road to success!

Are you familiar with these techniques?

6 Outstanding Tips for Acing Your Next Teacher Interview

  1. Practice and prepare yourself in front of a mirror.
    Though it may seem silly, it is an excellent idea to practice for your interview in front of a mirror and talk out loud as if you are in a job interview. By visually observing your posture and mannerisms, you will be able to recognize and correct anything that may seem out of place or unprofessional. You will get a true sense of what you look like to the interviewer. Once you have perfected the physical aspects of your interview technique, you will feel more confident in yourself when speaking with the principal or superintendent.
  2. Practice with a friend or interview coach. (We provide this service, too.)
    Rehearsing with a friend is like practicing in front of the mirror, but with an added bonus of someone you trust giving you an honest critique of how you look and sound. Have your friend ask you a list of potential questions and pretend you are actually in the interview — act and speak as though you are addressing a principal or superintendent. Take your friend's constructive criticism seriously and do what you can to remedy anything seen as negative or unprofessional. A little practice goes a long way!
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  1. Be prepared by bringing your portfolio to the interview.
    A portfolio is to develop a comprehensive collection of past projects you have implemented, thematic units you have created, teaching resources you have designed and utilized, etc. Be able to explain what each item is, what the purpose is, and how it has positively impacted student learning. Also explain how these items can help the specific school or district you are interviewing for.
  2. Know and incorporate current industry buzzwords.
    One of the best ways to impress your interviewer is to stay current on education and know and use buzzwords or catch phrases... properly. Furthermore, it is a good idea to remain up-to-date on the latest works in academia and applicable courses. Understanding what the up and coming theories and techniques are can really boost your rank amongst the competition. Schools are always looking for fresh ideas and educators who are willing to learn.
  3. Link yourself to the school.
    This technique will give you a greater chance of gaining the position. The main focus is to give you the opportunity to already place yourself in the position. By asking the right kind of questions, you will give the interviewer the impression that you fit in perfectly. For example, instead of asking, "What kind of in-services and continuing education does your district offer?" ask "Which workshops and in-services will I be able to attend?" This allows you to attach yourself to the district and take pride of ownership in the school.
  4. Show how you effectively collaborate with parents.
    Since parents play a key role in the learning process, particularly with elementary school students, it is imperative that you convey your skills with regard to communicating with families. This is especially so if you are applying for the position of Vice Principal. If disciplinary matters arise, you will most likely have to speak with the parents. Patience, communication, and compassion are all key traits that you will need to have when dealing with students' families.

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