Math Teacher Resume Sample

Examine this high school math teacher resume which really showcases the value John can bring to the classroom and the impact he can make on student success. The resume example includes a relevant icon and a strong quote that grabs the reader's attention and urges a hiring administrator to read further.

The formatting for this resume has been kept very clean and easy to read; thus, allowing the hiring administrator to peruse it efficiently, without missing key items. John's resume begins with a very strong professional profile that details his strengths as a math teacher. It touches on both his ability to explain complex math concepts and ability to utilize a variety of different engaging methods, as well as his language and interpersonal skills.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

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John's education and credentials are critical, which is why we listed them on the first page. Since he graduated years ago, we omitted his date of graduation, as we didn't want to age the client. They are pertinent to the teaching position he is seeking, since his bachelor's degree is in mathematics and his teaching credential is in high school mathematics.

You will notice many relevant keywords that are essential to securing a teaching job interview, especially if the resume is scanned. These keywords have been sprinkled throughout the resume, but are also found in the areas of expertise section. Some of the educational buzzwords we chose to include are: creative questioning, student motivation, performance assessments, critical thinking, and classroom management.

John's job history is very stable, making it uncomplicated for us, the resume writer, to come up with several relevant and impressive achievements. As he has been employed as a high school math teacher with the same school district for a long time, this job experience is very important to highlight. We began his job experience by describing his daily duties as an educator in paragraph form. This is followed by a bullet point showcasing his accomplishments. One such strong achievement includes: "Introduced a Mathematics Enrichment program for students who were not quite ready to advance to the next level; 100% of students progressed to the next level."

High School Math Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

John's resume is easy to read, and outlines job responsibilities and correlating achievements in a legible manner. In page two, this math instructor resume conveys his many teaching talents and skills, while communicating his passion to instil math skills to his students. As well, his math teacher accomplishments really sell him as a potential job candidate.

You will also notice that the second page has included a page header that contains his name and the page number. This is important, as all pages of your application should contain your name, and by including the page number, this ensures that your resume will remain intact with all pages included.

The second page of John's resume continues his professional experiences with an additional math teaching position plus computer and substitute teaching jobs. Once again, we have described John's duties and accomplishments in each of his past positions. This time we have highlighted different responsibilities and achievements that show his ability to teach math and computers to a wide variety of student populations in different grade levels and school communities.

His substitute teaching experience is also highlighted because it demonstrates his ability to teach in additional subject areas, as well as his ability to adapt and be flexible in his teaching.

Achievements are the most important part of a resume, so make sure to include them in your math teacher resume. Instead of just listing your duties and skills, accomplishments show what you have done for a school in the past, letting a potential school know what you can do for them in the future.

Achievements should follow the C.A.R. method: challenge, action, result. What was a challenge you faced, what actions did you take to solve it, and what was the result? For instance, in John's resume, one of his accomplishments is as follows: Offered lunch time and after-school support to help a failing student succeed; incorporated graphic organizers and materials tailored to meet diverse needs, resulting in student passing with flying colors.

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We also utilized instructional keywords and teaching methods such as math manipulatives, class discussions, modification strategies, and well-disciplined learning environment to reinforce John's outstanding skills.

Since technology integration was highlighted as an area of expertise on page one of this sample math teacher resume, we included examples of it on page two. We also incorporated John's professional development, including courses and workshops that helped strengthen his math instruction skills.

Any hiring administrator would be happy to offer John a teacher job interview.

Math Teacher Resume Example - Page 2

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