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Write a Modern Educational Leadership Resume by Digging Deeper

Write a Modern Educational Leadership Resume by Digging Deeper

Dig deep into your past to create a winning educational leadership resume to showcase your leadership experience and relevant career accomplishments. Let the type of leader you are, be it a transformational, visionary, or a combination, shine through. Delve into your experiences to come up with relevant achievements, leadership skills, and initiatives you have demonstrated. [...]

Teaching Resume Profile Samples / Career Summary of Qualifications

Resume Profile Samples for Teachers

Scrutinize the resume profile samples below to generate ideas on how to write your own resume. Are you struggling to draft a career summary to apply for your next teaching job? Look no further, this blog post will help. What Is a Resume Profile? A profile, which appears at the beginning of your resume, is [...]

How to Choose the Teaching Position You Want

How to Choose the Teaching Position You Want

Take the correct steps to choose the teaching position that is right for you. Now that you have decided to enter the world of education, you need to pick a subject area that interests you. For many teachers, choosing the type of job is easy. They follow their passion. While for others, it can be [...]

How to Incorporate Qualities, Strengths and Skills in a New Teacher Resume

Identifying your areas of strengths and skills can be difficult as a career changer. If you have little to no classroom experience, you may be wondering how to find them. An excellent way to determine your areas of expertise (or areas of knowledge if you prefer not to call yourself an “expert”) is to examine [...]

Including Past Employment and Volunteer Experience to Make a Career Change

Are you wondering how to include past employment history or community services in your resume when transitioning to teaching? As someone who is entering the field of education, you may not have much experience that directly relates to the classroom. The key is to include every position that you think relates to instruction, group leadership, [...]