Preschool Teacher Resume Sample

This preschool teacher resume sample highlights the expertise Sally can bring to the classroom and shows her desire to promote the love of learning in all students. This example includes a visually appealing icon and a key strengths section. Education and credentials are vital in the teaching profession, which is why they are also on the first page.

Sally's resume leads off with a strong professional profile and key skills section. As a preschool or early childhood educator, it is important to highlight your skills with working with young children, which includes having the correct temperament, creativity, and enthusiasm. All of these soft skills have been appropriately highlighted in this resume. Key skills are critical to include whether you are an assistant preschool teacher, entry-level kindergarten teacher, nursery teacher, or a lead preschool teacher.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

You will notice many educational keywords, such as individualized lesson plans, student evaluation, and role playing, which are essential if your resume is scanned. The goal is to sprinkle targeted, educational keywords throughout your resume. Pick keywords that apply to your teaching skills and that are also desired by the potential school district.

Sally's has several relevant and impressive achievements that we have displayed. Notice that her day-to-day duties have been placed in a paragraph and only her accomplishments have been bulleted. This allows her accomplishments to stand out more. An accomplishment can be anything that improved the learning environment, students' achievements, or the school community. A perfect example is this: "Designed and administered a monthly newsletter to promote further family involvement within the school community; recruited family volunteers for field trips".

In addition to the alphabet blocks, we incorporated color within the body of the resume. Having color and education-related icons on a resume is a good idea for educators, especially if you are in a creative position such as an art educator or an early childhood educator. Color also helps to bring the reader's attention to certain information in the resume. The red really stands out and draws the eye to key sections. A hiring administrator will not forget this resume any time soon!

Preschool Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

Page two of this example effectively demonstrates how she has helped students blossom and grow, while developing a love for learning. Sally is keen on providing one-on-one support to ensure all students reach their full potential, which we have highlighted and focused on. She is also dedicated to communicating with parents and encouraging parental involvement which is an important part of early childhood education.

The second page of her resume continues to show her teaching skills and experience as a paraprofessional, kindergarten teacher, and assistant teacher. Even though these past positions might not be specifically within preschool classrooms, her experience working with young children in different situations and classrooms has been emphasized.

Following her teaching experience section, we have highlighted her professional development, technical skills, and volunteer experience. Sally is committed to professional development, so we have included a separate section listing the courses and workshops she has attended. It's imperative to showcase your commitment to your own development as an educator, especially if you've been dedicated to improving your skills in your specific teaching area. If you have current CPR and First Aid certification, don't forget to list these as well, as we have on the first page of the resume.

We have also implemented an area dedicated to her technical proficiencies, many of which can be successfully utilized within the preschool setting. In this day and age, technology is becoming more and more important. So, if you have technical proficiencies, it's imperative to highlight these in your resume. Sally has showcased her related technical skills with current education related technologies, such as Bailey's Book House, Barnyard Sing A Long, Jump Start, and Creative Wonder.

Lastly, this preschool teacher resume example incorporates volunteer experience, which shows the client's dedication to the local community. Sally's keyword-rich preschool resume is sure to grab the attention of a hiring administrator and encourage them to offer this teaching candidate a job interview.

This in-depth article will give you additional tips and valuable information about creating a strong resume for writing a preschool teacher resume.

Preschool Teacher Resume Example - Page 2

I encourage you to view the cover letter that complements this resume for a preschool teacher. It's important to introduce yourself to a potential school as a talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic early childhood educator.

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You could also try resume formatting tips for educators to gain some modern ideas to enhance the format of your existing teacher resume.

Here is an example of the same preschool teacher resume in text format. This would be the version of the resume that you would submit online to job postings that ask for a text format.

Sally Teacher
111 Firelight Road • Sometown, CO 77777
Phone: 555-999-3322 • Email:

~ Creative ~ Caring ~ Trustworthy ~

Devoted teaching professional with the gift to reach every student and instill a love for learning. Demonstrated talent for designing age-appropriate lessons and activities that teach fundamental academic and socialization skills. Proven ability for offering individualized support, ensuring that all students' unique needs and goals are met. Enthusiastic person, who sends out additional resources to promote education in the home; encourages parents to participate in school events. Hard working and motivated educator, with strong communication and interpersonal skills to cultivate working relationships within the school community.
Areas of expertise include:

  • Role Playing
  • Use of Manipulatives
  • Thematic Units
  • Individualized Education Plans
  • Student Motivation
  • Student Assessment
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Differentiate Instruction
  • Cooperative Learning



Master of Arts in Reading and Literacy
Some College, Denver, Colorado, 2017

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Psychology
Some College, Denver, Colorado, 2010

Colorado Early Childhood Education, K-6
OCCS Certified
CPR and First Aid



Early Childhood Learning Development Program – Sometown, CO  9/2014 – Present
Pre-K Teacher, Extended Day (9/2016 – Present)
Develop and instruct age-appropriate lesson plans that encourage physical, emotional, social, and academic growth. Maintain individual student portfolios including skills checklists, labeled work samples, and narrative reports on areas needing improvement. Interact extensively with parents to provide regular progress reports. Showcase children's work to boost their self-esteem and to keep them motivated.

  • Designed and administered a monthly newsletter to promote further family involvement within the school community; recruited parent volunteers for field trips.

Kindergarten Teacher, Regular Day (9/2015 – 6/2016)
Developed and presented creative lessons that focused on core subjects, as well as personal and academic progression. Incorporated hands-on activities and fun manipulatives to accommodate all styles of learning. Liaised with school Social Workers regarding attendance/family/abuse issues, as well as the Special Needs Director concerning speech and academic testing.

  • Developed a take-home library activity where children could take classroom books home; they wrote or illustrated something special about the book with their family.

Paraprofessional (9/2014 – 6/2015)
Assisted Lead Teacher with instruction and providing one-on-one support for the students. Led reading groups and supervised activities. Sustained a focused and well-behaved classroom at all times; addressed disciplinary issues as they arose. Observed teaching techniques to develop own instructional methods, generate exciting activities, and raise self-confidence.

  • Attended several workshops and seminars that focused on helping struggling learners who lived in poverty and spoke little to no English in their home environment.

ABC Public School – Somewhere, CO  8/2012 – 6/2014
Kindergarten Teacher
Taught 20 students in a full day Kindergarten class, with the assistance of a Paraprofessional. Planned and implemented whole class, small group, and one-on one instruction using developmentally appropriate practice. Set-up classroom, daily schedule, and monthly hallway bulletin board. Utilized learning centers, technology, and manipulatives to introduce new topics and reach out to each child. Attended bi-weekly staff meetings.

  • Participated in week-long Reading First workshops; devised new literacy activities and established a print-rich classroom environment; instilled a love for literacy in students.

DEF Public School – Somewhere, CO  9/2010 – 6/2012
Assistant Teacher
Floated between classrooms, assisting a wide range of students including infants, toddlers, pre-school, age 7-9, and age 9-12. Moved to a Pre-Kindergarten class after four months. Provided individualized support for struggling students, specifically those with learning disabilities and special needs. Incorporated a wide array of materials and resources to accommodate multiple intelligences and students' various academic needs.

  • Collaborated with School Counselor and parents to devise and adhere to Individualized Education Plans.



Curriculum Development ~ Behavior Management Training ~ Pre-K Literacy Training
Oral Language Development ~ Kindergarten Story Thinking Training
Managing Difficult Behaviors
Technical Proficiencies
Kid Pix, Bailey's Book House, Millie's Math House, How Many Bugs in the Box, Barnyard Sing Along, Microsoft
Word, Works, PowerPoint, Excel, PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Print Artist, Encarta
Encyclopedia, Jump Start, Creative wonder, WordPerfect, Windows
Volunteer Experience
Habitat for Humanity, 2014-2017


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