Preschool Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

This Preschool Teacher resume sample highlights the expertise Sally can bring to the classroom and shows her desire to promote the love of learning in all students. This example includes a visually appealing icon and a key strengths section. Education and credentials are very important in the teaching profession, which is why they are also on the first page.

Sally's resume leads off with a strong professional profile and key skills section. As a preschool or early childhood educator, it is important to highlight your skills with working with young children, which includes having the correct temperament, creativity, and enthusiasm. All of these soft skills have been appropriately highlighted in this resume. Key skills are critical to include weather you are an assistant preschool teacher, entry-level kindergarten teacher, nursery teacher, or a lead preschool teacher.

You will notice many educational keywords, such as individualized lesson plans, student evaluation, and role playing, which are important if your resume is scanned. The goal is to sprinkle targeted, educational keywords throughout your resume. Pick keywords that apply to your teaching skills and that are also desired by the potential school district.

Sally's has several relevant and impressive achievements that we have displayed. Notice that her day-to-day duties have been placed in a paragraph and only her accomplishments have been bulleted. This allows her accomplishments to stand out more. An accomplishment can be anything that improved the learning environment, students' achievements, or the school community. A perfect example is this: "Designed and administered a monthly newsletter to promote further family involvement within the school community; recruited family volunteers for field trips".

In addition to the alphabet blocks, we incorporated color within the body of the resume. Having color and education-related icons on a resume is a good idea for educators, especially if you are in a creative position such as an art educator or an early childhood educator. Color also helps to bring the reader's attention to certain information in the resume. The red really stands out and draws the eye to key sections. A hiring administrator will not forget this resume any time soon!

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Preschool Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

Don't forget to scrutinize page two of this resume example for a preschool teacher to examine more teaching accomplishments. Education career development and professional organizations and community initiatives are also included on the second page of this elementary teacher resume.

We have also designed an eye-catching cover letter that effectively complements his sample preschool teacher resume, and prompts the reader to discover more about the job candidate.

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