Media Specialist / Librarian Resume Sample - Page1

This media specialist / school librarian resume sample really shows the value Heidi can bring to a school district. A visually appealing (and relevant!) icon, eye catching border, clean layout, and the area of expertise section grabs your attention and encourages you to read further.

This sample resume for a media specialist and/or school librarian is the ideal way to show off Heidi's relevant skill sets and qualifications. We have demonstrated her commitment to students, willingness to spend time with them after school, and a dedication to help children reach their full potential. Any hiring school administrator would be thrilled to hire someone like Heidi!

We've begun Heidi's resume with a strong professional profile as well as a clearly stated objective heading: School Librarian / Media Specialist, which lets the reader know right away what type of position she wishes to secure. Her profile details her years of experience, areas of skill, and past track record of providing excellent library services. This well written new profile encourages a reader to continue reading the rest of the resume to find out more about this job candidate.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

Heidi's education and credentials are critical, which is why we listed them on the first page. She not only holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education, but also holds a master's degree in library science, as well as a school library media specialist certification. These are impressive and important credentials that should be appropriately highlighted, which is why they've been placed in the center of the first page.

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You will notice many relevant keywords, in her resume, vital to obtaining a job interview, especially if the resume is scanned electronically by the applicant tracking systems (ATS). The areas of expertise section contains only a list of pertinent keywords specific to library science, such as research and analysis, school library programs, reference tools, and Big 6 information literacy model. These are all important skills for a librarian that a school would be looking for in their education applicant. We've also been sure to utilize keywords throughout the rest of the document.

Heidi's job history is very solid, making it easy to come up with several relevant accomplishments to target a school librarian media specialist position. We've bolded the school and position information to help them stand out. Then, her daily teaching duties are placed in a short paragraph to let the reader know of her related experience in this type of learning environment.

Her career accomplishments have been placed in bullet points to help them stand out. She has many in her current role as a Media Specialist /Librarian. Anyone can see from the first page of her resume that she is highly qualified and the best applicant for this position.

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Librarian / Media Cover Resume Sample

Don't forget to view the school librarian / media specialist cover letter that complements this resume.

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