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Are you looking for an eye-catching and creative art teacher resume? This sample is sure to grab the reader's attention helping Denise stand out from the competition!

We included an appealing, relevant icon at the top of the page, which demonstrates Denise's creativity. In this example, we've utilized a light blue border to brighten up the resume and make it more visually appealing. The formatting for this art educator resume has been kept very clean and easy to read; thus, allowing the hiring administrator to peruse through it efficiently, without missing key items.

Denise's resume begins with a strong professional profile detailing her strengths as an art teacher. It touches on both her art skills and ability to teach a variety of different artistic methods, as well as her general teaching and classroom management expertise.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

Since Denise's education and teaching credentials are relatively recent, we listed them right after the art teacher resume profile. In addition to being obtained somewhat recently, they are also pertinent to the teaching position she is seeking, since her bachelor's and master's degrees are in fine art and education respectively.

When you review this art instructor resume example, you will see many examples of educational keywords, which are critical to obtaining an art teacher job interview — this is especially true if your teaching resume is scanned through ATS Applicant Tracking System. To help with this, we've also included an areas of expertise section with important keywords listed, such as classroom management, technology integration, and artistic instruction.

Denise's job history is also very solid, making it easy to come up with several relevant teaching accomplishments that will impress the school principal or school district superintendent. As she is currently employed as an art teacher, this job experience is very important to highlight thoroughly.

We began her job experience by describing her daily duties as an educator in paragraph form. This is followed by bullet points showcasing her accomplishments. She has achieved many accolades in her position. One such strong achievement includes: "Initiated an after school art club to provide students with additional opportunities to further their artistic capabilities and discover new mediums".

Art Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

In page two, Denise's art instructor resume conveys her many teaching talents and skills, while communicating her passion to instil art appreciation within her students. As well, her art teacher accomplishments really sell her as a potential job candidate. We demonstrated how Denise was able to achieve student participation, encourage student creativity, motivate children, and incorporate interdisciplinary elements.

You will also notice that the second page has included a page header that contains her name and the page number. This is important, as all pages of your application should contain your name, and by including the page number, this ensures that your resume will remain intact with all pages included.

The second page of Denise's resume continues her professional experiences with another art teacher position followed by a substitute teaching job. Once again, we have described Denise's duties and accomplishments in her second art teaching position. This time we have highlighted different responsibilities and achievements that show her ability to teach art to a wide variety of student populations in different grade levels and school communities.

Her substitute teaching experience is also highlighted because it demonstrates her ability to teach in additional subject areas, as well as her ability to adapt and be flexible in her teaching.

Achievements are the most important part of a resume, so make sure to include them in your art teacher resume. Instead of just listing your duties and skills, accomplishments show what you have done for a school in the past, letting a potential school know what you can do for them in the future.

Achievements should follow the C.A.R. method: challenge, action, result. What was a challenge you faced, what actions did you take to solve it, and what was the result? For instance, in Denise's resume, one of her accomplishments is as follows: taught third grade students the division of space in creating their own compositions through the use of mixed media, watercolors, and acrylics where they created original paintings by observing other artists' works. If your job search isn't working it may be time to revisit your resume and make sure you have relevant achievements included.

Following her experience section, we have included a professional development section and a professional affiliation section. It's always important to demonstrate how you are dedicated toward your own self-growth as an educator, as well as your commitment to remaining up-to-date with your skills. Denise has completed courses in art-related areas as well as in more general teaching subjects. Her membership in the National Art Institute and National Education Association has also been highlighted.

Since Denise's resume started with a bang, we wanted to close with one too! At the end of this art teacher resume example you will find a positive quote from a famous artist. We have numerous other ideas for building a creative art teacher resume, and are always open to suggestions!

Art Teacher Resume Sample - Page 2

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