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Candace Alstad - Davies Bio - Founder and Owner A+ Resumes for Teachers

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Candace Alstad-Davies and I am dedicated to helping people, just like you, find the education job they desire. Or, if you are looking to transition out of education contact me and get the help you need.

I am a veteran and thought leader in the job search world. What exactly does that entail? Well, I am a career strategist, worldwide curriculum vitae CV and resume writer, interview career coach, LinkedIn profile writer, social media consultant, author, and creator of many other job search documents.

I started A+ Resumes for Teachers over 16 years ago, and my diverse business has been online ever since. And guess what? I still love doing my career after all this time!

What makes me so content in my position after 16+ years?

First of all, I never stop growing personally and professionally – one has to thrive to keep up - and I love to learn. Reading, researching, implementing, and writing are passions of mine. Self-reflection, growth mindset, mindfulness concepts, learning from mistakes, along with expressing gratitude are an everyday part of my life.

Secondly, and most importantly, the reward of helping educators land new positions, uncover their confidence and potential, find their authenticity, advance their careers, and overcome interview and presentation jitters is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Furthermore, I find great comfort in coaching clients and helping educators face personal and career obstacles they may not have thought they would encounter.

Teachers, School Administrators, Higher Education Instructors and Other Educators Have Enlisted My Career Expertise


Besides running this fulfilling business, how do I spend my time?

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, caring for our animals, playing family board games and cards, doing crafts and projects with my kids, camping, and cooking new healthy recipes usually found on Pinterest.

Two of my biggest personal accomplishments are:

Outside of my personal life, my claim to fame, backed up by my clients, is being known on the internet as the top professional resume writing and career management specialist in the education sector. This has been cited by many of my clients and website visitors.

I am dedicated to training and professional development in many areas to stay current.

One of my largest sources of information comes from my clients and other educators “in the know” to gather information to pass on to you.

As the founder and president of A+ Resumes for Teachers, I have earned dual certifications in resume writing, LinkedIn profile development, and numerous interview and career coaching certifications.

Some of the Resume Writing and Coaching Credentials I Have Earned Over the Last 16 Years Include:


Additional Professional Highlights:


Over the last few years, I have added social media coaching and consulting to my broad skills set by completing in-depth courses, seminars and conferences. I really enjoy this aspect of my business, so recently, I have helped educational consultants, edupreneurs, teacherpreneurs, and others get their own businesses or personal social media channels up and running, as well as consulting them on how they work, what the best actions are to take, etc.

While I created A+ Resumes for Teachers to help educators, it has enriched my life in many ways. Working with clients worldwide is fascinating, rewarding, fun, and very inspiring, to say the least. My clients’ enthusiasm for learning has rubbed off on me, driving me to continuously enhance my credentials. I am very grateful for the clients and educators I have worked with over the years – without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today!

It is my goal to inspire, empower, and help educators get the career results they desire faster!

Clients consistently get outstanding results by investing in the services we provide! My long-term team of writers has helped over 10,500+ education professionals by capturing their accomplishments, core competencies, and their authentic brand and value proposition.

Even though I have a great team of writers, my role is very active in strategizing and discovering the best methods to present clients’ career journeys to showcase their value, authenticity, and passion. For instance, I personally conduct all the career, interview, and job search coaching for my clients.

I also create the weekly, free, A+ Career Curriculum newsletter, which you can sign up to have delivered to your inbox. This is a valuable resource for employed educators and those seeking new opportunities, as it provides the latest job search and interview tips, as well as excellent information on classroom management, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, self-reflection, and other professional development topics.

Additionally, I enjoy writing resources that can help educators learn at their own pace. By 2016, I have authored 11 eBooks, including: A+ Teachers' Interview Edge. - 152 Teacher Interview Questions and Answers and A+ Principals' Interview Edge – 152 School Administrator Interview Questions and Answers. You can review a full list of the eBooks authored by myself by visiting the A+ Resumes for Teachers eBook store.


Successfully transforming unique skills into concise job search marketing documents that land numerous interviews and, ultimately, excellent job offers is what I and my team do best.

From first jobs to career transitions, and all the way to large employment gaps, I have successfully dealt with numerous scenarios over the years.

You will find my approach personalized, patient, and incredibly friendly.

And, you will always be able to reach me when you email or call toll-free 1 877 738-8052 or international 780 513-0010. No one else will answer the phone; you will always deal with me directly because I enjoy speaking with my clients one-on-one. 

I invite you to take a tour of our website and our blog.

When you retain my services, you will notice the passion and energy (and confidentiality!) that goes into every resume, cover letter, or any other job search document we create. Aside from my unwavering commitment and desire to move your career forward, here are some other details about me.

My main commitment and focus:


Speaking of happy clients, here are some of my favorite statements that I have received from past clients:

"Your service is worth every penny!"

"My confidence walking into the interview was very strong."

"I am so happy I found you - your service is exactly what I needed."

"I wish I would have found you a few years ago."

"Your service is so personalized and so are all these documents, they really communicate who I am as an education leader."

You can review an abundance of testimonials on our website – we haven’t added any new ones lately because we just get too many. Really, we do!

Here is a recent one!

"We worked during the first half of the year on rebuilding two of my resumes: "elementary school" and "middle school social studies". I just wanted to thank you for all that you did for me. Two weeks ago, I accepted my first public school teaching position! I will be teaching first grade in Virginia. I could not have done it without you and your services. I had almost 20 interviews before I was offered this position. I learned so much about job searching and interviewing along the way too."

"You helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine and I am finally achieving my professional goals because of it! All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!"


Partner with me and become a success story. The process is simple and the results are amazing. The documents and coaching I provide get results even in a tough job market.

I wish you an extraordinary day that is full of wonderful adventures and memories that last a life-time.

Candace Alstad-Davies


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