Phys-Ed Teacher Resume Sample

This phys-ed teacher resume sample really stands out due to its unique formatting and structure. It is sure to catch the eye of the potential school's recruitment committee!

Using a quote at the top of this physical education teacher resume is a dramatic, eye-catching beginning, which immediately creates interest and value to the reader. Use quotes, also known as testimonials, in your P.E. resume, if appropriate. It increases your credibility by providing a written confirmation of the quote during the interview.

Whether you are an elementary, middle, or high school teacher this example of a physical education resume will provide some insight on the important things to include. Included in this resume or any CV or resume we write are critical education / teaching keywords. If your CV or resume is scanned by the application tracking system – applitrack system it needs to have keywords, let's call it a searchable resume.

This physical education resume sample uses a unique font for section headers, a bullet-point format for key skills and accomplishments, and bold font to make key pieces of information stand out. Instead of using a typical chronological resume format where teaching experiences are listed in order, this resume utilizes a key teaching skills and accomplishments section and then lists the work experience later.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

Utilizing this style of resume, also known as a combination or functional resume, places more focus on accomplishments and skills versus specific experience and roles. This type of resume format is preferred for people with limited experience or career changers, as this client was.

The job candidate's profile does a great job of demonstrating his commitment to helping students improve their grades, develop good sportsmanship, and earn a well-rounded education. It forms a strong opening statement about who he is as candidate, as well as the value he would bring to a school.

Rodney's professional profile is followed by his education section which shows that he has multiple degrees in education and a certificate in tutoring.

The details of his work experience are highlighted in the selected skills and accomplishments section. The bullet points contained in this section are further divided into subheadings by area of teaching. Each bullet-point starts out with an action word, giving it more impact and demonstrating a skill in a concrete example/achievement. These job achievements clearly demonstrate his skills in the areas of curriculum and assessment.

Because he has limited teaching experience, these accomplishments highlight his skills as an educator without bringing unwanted attention to his lack of teaching experience. A reader will quickly realize the great achievements he has made in past roles, such as "spearheaded a volunteer program to fulfill a need for students requiring additional assistance outside the classroom".

Phys-Ed Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

The second page of this phys-ed resume sample continues with the selected skills and accomplishments section. You will notice that it has been properly headlined with his name at the top of the page along with the page number, followed by a heading detailing the continuation of the skills and accomplishments section.

The achievements highlighted in the second page of this example are divided into two sections of student/parent relations and classroom presentation. The professional achievements in the second page continue to be strong accomplishments, including:

"Planned numerous extracurricular activities, including organizing tournaments, coordinating transportation, and chaperoning students on out-of-town trips".

Achievements are the most important part of a resume, so make sure to include them in your physical education (phys-ed) teacher resume. Instead of just listing your duties and teaching skills, accomplishments show what you have done for a school in the past, letting a potential school know what you can do for them in the future.

Achievements should follow the C.A.R. method: challenge, action, result. What was a challenge you faced, what actions did you take to solve it, and what was the end result?

Following the end of the achievements section are Rodney's professional experience information. You will notice that we've divided his professional experience into two groups – one for teaching-related experience and one for his past career. Because he is making a career change to education, we want to highlight his teaching experience separately. Since changing careers, he has gained three years of P.E. teaching experience, as well as substitute teaching experience.

This sample physical education teacher resume also highlights the teaching candidate's community service and awards, which gives extra credibility to his dedication to helping students and others within the local community. His certificates in various areas are also highlighted on the second page of this resume. We have also showcased the client's ability to develop a relationship with students and parents alike, while encouraging greater parent involvement within the school.

We have also developed an exceptional educational cover letter to complement this P.E. teacher resume. It is essential you tailor both job application documents to the position you are applying for. We can help you highlight your credentials, experience, and passion for education in a meaningful and convincing manner, like we did with this client.

Phys-ed Teacher Resume Sample - Page 2

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