Special Education Teacher Resume a.k.a. CV Curriculum Vitae

Analyze this sample special education teacher resume a.k.a. CV curriculum vitae below; it highlights the teaching skills and expertise Aurora can bring to a school district to help special needs students.

The resume example includes her areas of proficiency, which are displayed front and center in an easy to read bulleted table. The areas of proficiency section includes strong special education specific keywords such as individualized education plans, multisensory lessons, and team teaching approach.

This resume example begins with a resume summary or professional profile that quickly shows the reader this special education teacher is well qualified and makes the resume stand out from the other candidates. Right underneath her name, she has listed a few of her soft skills: supportive, creative, compassionate, and accommodating. These are great soft skills to highlight as they are much demanded and needed in a special education teacher.

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Her professional summary section details her key skills and talents as a special education teacher, including her ability to accommodate a wide range of learners and teach to IEPs. Right off the bat, her professional summary shows her to be a talented educator who readers will want to learn more about.

Aurora's education and credentials are important to the job target of special needs instructor, especially since she holds a master's degree in special education; this is why this information deserves a first-page listing. You will notice many relevant keywords, such as student motivation, technology integration, IEPs, and multidisciplinary education plans placed throughout the document. The practice of scanning resumes makes incorporating related keywords critical to securing a teaching job interview.

Industry keywords and educational buzzwords are essential to securing a teaching position. Applicant tracking system ATS software is frequently used to screen special education resumes or CVs to see if job application candidates' applications should reach a human eye for further consideration. ATS software makes including education keywords in your special education resume or CV critical.

This example special needs instructor resume or CV focuses on the client's job accomplishments; thus, providing a concrete example of what she brings to the school community. We used a simple, yet unique border that captures the reader's attention and helps set Aurora apart from the competition. Notice the excellent use of white space in this special ed resume, making it easy on the reader.

Special Education Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

This sample displays a simple, yet unique border that captures the reader's attention and helps set Aurora apart from the competition. This resume makes good use of white space so the client's information is easy to read and focus on.

The second page of this resume continues on with the professional experience section. You will notice that it has been properly headlined with her name at the top of the page along with the page number, followed by a heading detailing the continuation of the teaching experience section.

Hiring committees are looking for a reliable, knowledgeable person when hiring special education teachers. So, throughout the professional experience section, Aurora has highlighted her expertise and knowledge in special education. Her ability to aid students' behavioral, social and academic development, develop a rapport with students, write and implement IEPs, and integrate multisensory teaching methods are all highlighted in her experience section.

When listing your previous experience, be sure to list any specific disabilities or issues that you have worked with in the past. Frequently, schools will have a specific list of needs that they want to meet, and they will be looking for candidates with strong experience supporting students with those specific needs. They will likely want to select someone who has experience with those disabilities so that the teacher they hire is already mindful of appropriate accommodation strategies. Listing your experiences with specific needs and explaining how you were able to support students with those needs to ensure their success is an excellent way to help you stand out.

We have incorporated professional development initiatives to highlight how Aurora keeps her training and knowledge base up-to-date. It is important for special education teachers to remain up-to-date on current trends and teaching methods. This ensures they have the right tools needed to accommodate students. It is clear she is committed to her profession, as well as the students she teaches.

This education resume encourages the reader to take a second look at the document and offer the candidate a teaching job interview. If Aurora's credentials, expertise, and solid skill sets were not displayed in such a comprehensible and visually appealing manner, she may have been passed over for someone else.

Special Education Teacher Resume Sample - Page 2

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