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This is an example of a teacher's assistant cover letter we had written for a client that just earned an Early Childhood Development Certificate. Jenny had no formal experience teaching, but a lot of practical experience so we made sure to focus on her practicum in her cover letter.

We integrated an esthetically pleasing graphic to set her cover letter apart from other teacher's assistants competing for the job position, and ensure she is memorable to the hiring administrator. Her letter of introduction matches the corresponding resume in formatting, style, and font to ensure a consistent and cohesive application package.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

As a new teacher with no experience Jenny's teacher assistant cover letter shows that she has "personality plus!" The reader get a strong feeling for her character and how it is a perfect fit in this educational field. Notice how she is talking to the reader, rather than telling, which makes a significant difference in the message the letter delivers.

We have used her cover letter as an opportunity to briefly describe her teaching philosophy, teaching methods, beliefs, and skills. A cover letter is an excellent place to go into greater detail about who you are as an educator and what your personality is like. Remember that your cover letter should be an introduction, complement your resume, and ask for an interview.

We showcased Jenny's belief about educating young students right in the middle of the cover letter, making sure the reader will not miss it, and will be encouraged to move on to Jenny's teacher's aide resume. Learn from any application letter writing mistakes you make and fine-tune you next cover letter.

A great way to figure out which skills and teaching methods to highlight in your cover letter is to study the job posting. Make a note of what qualities they are seeking in a teaching assistant. Skills in demand for assistant teachers or teacher's aides, include: team player, cooperative, organized, empathetic, independent, adaptable, caring, compassionate, communication skills, and punctual. If these types of skills are areas of strength for you, be sure to highlight them in your cover letter just like this sample cover letter.

Getting an interview as a teacher assistant is all about matching your skills with those needed by the school where you wish to secure employment. Tailoring your cover letter for a teaching assistant position needs to meet the requirements of the school could require adjusting your accomplishments and keywords for each job.

View this teaching assistant cover letter in PDF format.

Teacher's aide cover letter example

Don't forget to scrutinize the matching resume example for this teacher assistant cover letter to examine the important resume profile and area of expertise section. Review how we formatted and wrote about Sally's teaching experience and accomplishments.

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Jenny Helper
123 Assistant Lane • Always Close, TX 98755
Residence (780) 555-1212 • JennyA@123internet.org


Carl Boss, Vice Principal
Park School
123 Nearme Street
Always Close, TX

Dear Mr. Boss:

Park School, its children, and their parents deserve the very best Teacher's Aide. I am confident my professional hands on experience and formal Early Childhood Education qualification will contribute to the education your school provides. Please consider this letter and enclose resume my official candidacy to help maintain the important and tough standards your school sets in elementary education.

My experience is relevant and extensive, as described in the enclosed resume. What my resume cannot illustrate are the intangibles that set me apart from other candidates. I have a tremendous love for children and place a high standard on learning. I possess a calm attitude and a superb understanding of children's needs, Family and friends are surprised by how comfortable their children feel with me. If you are looking for someone who is positive, personable, and able to perform in a pressure cooker environment, look no further. This is my belief:

Children are an inspiration; each holds promise for our future.
They supply us with endless rays of energy, enthusiasm, warmth, and hope to keep us going.

As a Professional, I am always seeking to increase my skills. I recently ordered the book Sign Language Starter by Harry Bernstein. Sign language has always intrigued me, and the benefit it gives deaf children and adults is remarkable. I am learning this language on my own and plan to take a course when one becomes available. The special needs department within Park School is wonderful; the instructors are a remarkable gift, and you can tell they put their heart and soul into helping children.

Mr. Boss, I would welcome the chance to discuss any openings that may arise at Park School and will contact you next week to see when we might meet.

Thank you for your consideration.



Jenny Helper

Enclosed: Resume

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