ESL Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

This English as a second language Teacher resume sample a.k.a. CV curriculum vitae highlights the academic expertise and English language teaching skills that Mona can bring to the school community.

This CV example includes a teaching skills section, which immediately shows the reader this candidate is qualified, and encourages further review. Breaking up the page into left and right sections bring more interest to the page, as well as highlights more areas. For instance, not only do you see the professional profile and skills section right away, but you also see the education section right off the bat.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

The quote on the left-hand side really adds to the ESL focused resume, and solidifies what Mona can bring to a school. Having a quote from a current or past supervisor or principal really helps to solidify your skills and talents as an educator. It's a very powerful tool that goes a long way with a potential school.

In addition, the words "patient," "trustworthy," and "compassionate" are listed right at the top of the ESL resume, effectively demonstrating her soft skills. These are soft skills that are very important for an ESL educator too, which is what you want to highlight.

You will notice many relevant academic ESL focused keywords included in this ESL resume example, such as literacy circle, learning centers, and interactive games. By listing a bunch of them in a section entitled "Areas of Expertise", she is letting the reader know easily what her strengths are as an educator, as well as what methods she likes to use in her classroom.

Since she has numerous teaching achievements, listing these really sells the reader on picking up the phone to call Mona and offer her a job interview. Instead of a traditional, chronological style resume format, Mona has opted for a combination style resume.

This type of resume really highlights her accomplishments. As an ESL educator, it's important to showcase your ability to improve students' language skills and really make a difference in their learning. This is exactly what Mona's resume does.

She has really emphasized her ability to support new English language learners, with bullet points such as this: "Provided supplemental in-class and cooperative ESL support to ELL students, developing and implementing diverse curriculum to effectively meet the needs of each student's learning style and ability."

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ESL Teacher Resume Sample - Page 1

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