Secondary School Teacher
Resume Sample

This resume sample was developed for a client seeking a secondary teaching position. She had developed her own resume, but it failed to generate the response she had hoped for. We completely revamped her old document: we included a profile, loaded it with action words and keywords, and uncovered many accomplishments. The end result was that Kim received an excellent response - and had several job offers!

In this example we use a professional and eye-catching layout, which breaks down each section in a very clear and understandable manner. We included educational buzzwords such as differentiated instruction, classroom management, multicultural awareness, and student motivation to make sure this teaching resume made it past the scanners and to a human eye. Because Kim's experience is limited, we wanted to really highlight her education and credentials, as well as the exceptional skills she developed.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

Many new teachers who are freshly graduated and lack professional teaching experience aside from their student teaching practicums, don't know how to write a resume that properly showcases their skills. They think that because they lack experience, their resume will also lack exciting accomplishments and skills that schools are looking for. If you examine this sample secondary resume, you will notice that this doesn't have to be the case.

As you may notice, a typical resume highlights education, credentials, teaching experience, professional affiliations, volunteer work, etc. But what do you do when you have little hands-on instructional experience? First, start off with an informative profile that leaves a good impression on the reader. Briefly, discuss your passion for education, methods for assisting learners, and drive to instill a love of learning in students.

In the experience section, highlight your student teaching experience, as Kim has done. Most candidates simply focus on the years they have been teaching. Since Kim's experience is limited, her resume focuses instead on the effective techniques and methods she employed during her practicum. We have also listed all of her relevant accomplishments with precise details (being vague is a no-no). For example, "Launched a writing club to increase writing proficiency amongst students and encourage expression of ideas; held meetings to develop effective writing and editing techniques and inspire creativity, allowing students to perform their written pieces for the enjoyment of others".

When you are a new teacher just starting out in your profession, your resume should be only one page in length. This is why Kim's resume is one page. When you have more experience, then your resume can be two pages long.

Secondary School Teacher Resume Sample

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