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Writing a Teaching Resume to Increase Interviews

Effective Education Resume Elements

Start by NOT making the mistake of writing an education resume objective that is all about you. Instead, use a summary or profile to communicate your value in the best visually appealing resume format. There are numerous resume formatting tips to make your resume attractive and ignite interest.

The gateway to an exceptional education position is an interview, and the gateway to any job interview is an excellent resume.

If you want to be successful in getting a job interview, there are certain steps you should do when creating your resume. Below are some great examples of elements used in an effective education resume. If you want a more in-depth blog post, check out these A – Z teacher resume writing tips.

Include Pertinent and Relevant Information

Aim only to include relevant details about your skills, past responsibilities, and achievements. Knowing what you should include in your resume and cover letter depends on the desired position and what you can offer that coincides with desirable skills and traits to perform the job. The key to writing a teacher or school administrator resume is to keep the content focused on the job target.

Write Your Teacher Resume in a Clear and Concise Format to WOW the reader:

The entire resume should flow neatly, be pleasant to read, and appeal to the eye.  A resume formatting organization technique is the bullet point system, which helps draw the eye to critical information. Each bullet point should include the most vital information that your potential school principal or district representative seeks.

Place your most significant teaching achievements and skills at the top of the resume.  Having focused, related qualifications will help to achieve an organized and professional resume. Check out some of our resume samples.

Include Positive Points

When piecing together your resume, make sure you are comfortable with every point you make. Check and recheck what you have written. Ensure that each statement is original and says something positive about you as an educator that will bring value to the school community.

Use action verbs when describing your previous jobs; this enthusiastic verbiage will let your prospective principal know you make positive things happened.  Tastefully, let the reader learn that you can shake things up to make extraordinary, awesome things happen in the classroom.

Be Honest and Prepared

Organize your resume correctly to allow your prospective school principal or school hiring representative to navigate the document better. Some prospective teachers will add words to their resumes to hide what they are not skilled in. When the school administrator asks them about a particular teaching skill or experience, they may hesitate, which looks unprofessional. Avoid this by being honest. Be prepared to discuss any part of your resume in detail.

Communicate Top Qualities on Your Resume

All schools look for well-organized and talented educators. Showing your potential administrator that you have both these qualities in a resume will help you get an interview. Regardless of your skill set, if your resume is disorganized and unappealing, your prospective principal will not be interested in you.  On the other hand, if your resume is clear and to the point, the fact that you have those qualities will be evident.  Your potential school will take note of your resume and assume it is a reflection of you.

Your resume’s job is to secure an interview – when accomplished, you have half of the job search competition battle won.

An excellent resume will communicate to the school that you will be a valuable addition to the school community. It is the interview you can communicate more details about what you outlined in your resume. In other words, don’t elaborate too much – being concise is imperative.

You will be showcasing your organizational skills by arriving on time. You will be showing your professionalism by showing up in business attire.  The interview is not an interrogation about your life, so do not let your nerves get the better of you.

If your resume is good enough to get you the interview, you have to let your personality and professionalism ‘seal the deal’ in the job interview.

Review these other 10 resume writing tips for more detailed strategies on how to write the perfect resume.

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