Phys-Ed Teacher Cover Letter Sample

This physical education (Phys-Ed) teacher's sample cover letter is in response to a teaching job advertisement. The letter demonstrates Rodney's true value to the teaching industry, which is to look after the children's best interests. This P.E. cover letter does a wonderful job of showing his personality, which is absolutely crucial to landing a job interview. Don't underestimate the importance of writing a teaching letter of introduction to show passion.

Whether you are an elementary, middle, or high school teacher this example of a physical education resume will provide some insight on the important things to include.

The physical education teacher cover letter showcases the clients' years of relevant expertise, key teaching skills and strengths that are critical to helping students grow and develop. This cover letter, also known as a letter of intent, is laid out in a professional and easy-to-read format, incorporates appropriate spacing, and matches the resume to ensure consistency and a professional looking application package.

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The introductory paragraph explains where he saw the job advertisement and what position he is applying to. He then goes on to explain his teaching experience and skills as they match up with the job opportunity. He also utilizes his cover letter as a chance to explain how he has created constructive changes in students' academic, physical fitness, and home lives. He then finishes his cover letter by restating his interest in the position and briefly describing the type of learning environment he would establish at the school.

Find out how you can effectively target your cover letter to a school's needs.

At the end of the cover letter, below his name, you will notice that Rodney has the word 'enclosure' followed by resume. This is so he can specify what other documents have been enclosed with his application. This will ensure that all of his application documents remain together.

You will also notice that he has addressed the letter to a specific person – the principal. Always strive to address your cover letter to a named individual. Using "To whom it may concern" is very vague and makes the reader think you've just sent out your resume and cover letter blindly to a whole bunch of different schools without caring to properly target your documents to the specific position. So, you can make a great first impression by addressing your cover letter to the hiring manager by name.

If you are creating your own letter these top tips for writing a teaching cover letter will come in handy.

It is essential you do not opt out of creating a new cover letter for any teaching position. This is the first impression you will make on the hiring administrator, so make sure it's a good one!

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Phys-Ed Teacher Cover Letter Sample

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1937-56th Avenue Edmonton, Alberta V8R 2V9
Phone: 780-555-1222 ~ ~ Cell: 780-555-5455



Jon Bruce, Principal
Bill's Regional High School
School Board No. 56
9853-87th Street
Edmonton, Alberta V8B 4T5


Dear Mr. Bruce:

I am pleased to present my résumé for the Physical Education Teacher position with Bill's Regional High School. Your advertisement on LinkedIn sparked my interest in this exciting opportunity. I possess an Advanced Diploma in Education, a Bachelor of Education Degree, and a Certificate in Tutor Training. As a motivated, student-focused professional with hands-on teaching experience, I am confident in my ability to become a valuable asset to your academic team.

With 7 years of teaching experience instructing students in various subjects – including the past three years as a physical education teacher – I believe my qualifications match your requirements. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to function in a variety of educational settings making it easy to adapt to new situations and faculty concepts. My administrators and students' parents have recognized that I have created constructive changes in students' academic, play, and home lives. Students have discovered that physical fitness and the teamwork achieved through sports boosts their performance in all areas of their schooling. My students have also learned to appreciate the benefits of socialization, sportsmanship, personal achievement, and team spirit that are achieved through physical education. 

In my current position as a physical education teacher, I have been responsible for lesson planning and implementation, activity coordination, the development of student sport activities, and coaching a variety of sports teams. It is my goal to use my expertise in these areas to make a real difference in the lives of the students at Bill's Regional High School. As a member of your teaching staff, I will be dedicated to producing an energized and creative learning environment that brings out the best in students.

In closing, I believe that an interview would better demonstrate how my related teaching and academic credentials would be an excellent addition to your physical education program. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Rodney Wilson

Enclosed: Resume

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