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Resume / Curriculum Vitae Help

Your education resume can either make or break your chances of landing your next teaching job. Here you will find tried and true teacher resume writing tips to help turn your educational resume or administrator resume into your key to success. Let us help you develop an accomplishment-based, strategic job search marketing document.

Your resume gives the reader a snapshot of your education, credentials, teaching experience, and classroom management skills. Let your teacher resume provide a hiring administrator with a good first impression of you, and encourage him or her to offer you an education job interview.

Why These Teacher Resume Writing Tips or Curriculum Vitae (CV) Strategies?

Candace Alstad-Davies specializes in developing eye-catching teacher resumes. She has designed and written thousands of resumes for teachers over the past 15+ years, and has used her experience to create helpful articles to guide you in developing your own educational resume.

These resume writing posts discuss formatting tips, design strategies, content using accomplishments and concise wording, and showcasing your areas of expertise. Plus resume tips for incorporating educational buzzwords (i.e. growth mindset, technology integration, classroom management, differentiated instruction, and multiple intelligences). And, of course, what you should exclude from your instructional resume.

There is a right way to build a teacher resume, as well as plenty of wrong ways. Take a look at these posts and discover what it takes to produce an effective teacher resume. You only get one shot at applying for each job, so make sure you submit a high-quality document that will win over the reader.

After you have perused the teacher resume writing tips, go through the education cover letter writing tips – your education cover letter is just as important as your education resume!

Teaching Resume Profile Samples / Career Summary of Qualifications

Resume Profile Samples for Teachers

Scrutinize the resume profile samples below to generate ideas on how to write your resume. Are you struggling to draft a career summary to apply for your next teaching job? Look no further. This blog post will help. What Is a Resume Profile? A profile appears at the beginning of your resume and is a [...]

Including Past Employment and Volunteer Experience to Make a Career Change

Are you wondering how to include past employment history or community services in your resume when transitioning to teaching? As someone entering the field of education, you may not have much experience that directly relates to the classroom. The key is to include every position related to instruction, group leadership, training, plan development and implementation, [...]

15 Higher Education Resume Writing and Formatting Tips

15 Higher Education Resume Writing and Formatting Tips

Discover the ultimate higher education resume writing tips to land the perfect position at a college or university. As I am sure you know, your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is the key to opening doors to interviews. It lets you showcase your relevant skills and expertise for the job opening. This is your time to [...]

Teacher Resume Objective Statements are Old School

Teacher Resume Objective Statements are Old School

Are teacher resume objective statements a thing of the past? In a word, Yes! If you consider using one in your resume, there is no need. Resume objective statements used to be both commonplace and expected. However, they have gone out of fashion, and for a good reason. If you are looking to shake up [...]

Preschool Teacher Resume Writing Tips and Design Strategies to Open Interview Doors

An excellent resume is the first step in landing your dream teaching job, and these preschool teacher resume writing tips will make it easier to submit your credentials confidently. Your preschool teacher resume should focus on your accomplishments and skills in educating young children. Ensure your resume reflects your dedication and passion for teaching and [...]

A – Z Teacher Resume Writing Strategies and Tips for 2023

A - Z Resume Writing Strategies and Tips for 2018

Are you looking for modern tips for writing teacher resumes to land the perfect teaching job? Look no further for the best resume-writing tips for teachers. You will find plenty of help in this post to guide you through this challenging and vital project. These top tips for writing an education resume or CV will [...]

high school teacher resume writing tips to land an interview

Are you looking for high school teacher resume writing tips to improve your existing secondary school teaching resume? Perfect! Here you will find ten tips I’ve gathered from my experience helping high school teachers find rewarding jobs ushering adolescents through these critical years. Whether it is girls becoming too model-thin, boys being too rambunctious on [...]