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The Importance of Showcasing Relevant Accomplishments

The Importance of Showcasing Relevant Accomplishments

Even if you have never set foot inside a classroom as a teacher, there are most definitely problems you have solved or things you have achieved that relate to the world of education.

Potential employers are not just looking for individuals who can put together a lesson plan and deliver it to students. They want to know that you have the ability to think outside the box, face challenges, and creatively overcome obstacles. School administrators need to know that you are a well-rounded person who can handle anything thrown your way.

One of the best ways to demonstrate your versatile nature is to highlight accomplishments from previous jobs. These may include top-tier goals you have set and reached, plans you have developed and executed, or the problems you have resolved.

Showcase your unique selling point and top achievements relevant to the position in your resume and cover letter. 

A simple way to detail accomplishments on your resume is using the C.A.R. acronym – Challenge, Action, and Result. Explain what the situation or the problem was, communicate how you handled it, and convey the result or the skills you developed because of the situation. For example:

Challenge = Two co-workers were not getting along, which disrupted the work environment.

Action = You sat both employees down and asked them to air their grievances openly; you also encouraged them to find common ground.

Result = The two individuals came to a better understanding of one another and were able to set their differences aside; you enhanced your mediation and problem-solving skills.

In full-sentence form, this would read: Met with two co-workers whose constant fighting was very disruptive to the rest of the staff. Prompted both people to share their feelings, find common ground, and put differences behind them, resulting in a stable work environment and enhanced mediation and problem-solving skills.

With this example, you have directly stated that you were not afraid to take the bull by the horns and overcome this problem, as well as to highlight your good mediation and problem-solving skills, both fundamental for running a productive classroom.

When showcasing these accomplishments in your resume, they should be listed under the appropriate job, after your job responsibilities, and in bullet point format. By including bullet points, you will draw the reader’s eye to your achievements. List three to five under each job.

Try to discover at least two or three accomplishments for each employment. List what you can, ensuring that all accomplishments are either relevant, above average, and demonstrate an essential skill. Don’t go overboard with how many you list, as you do not want to be viewed as long-winded.

After you have written your achievements on your resume, don’t copy them over to your cover letter. You may want to highlight a couple but word them differently. Start a paragraph stating, “Some of my greatest relevant achievements include…” and then list your accomplishments in bullet point format, gaining the attention of the reader once more.