10 Ways to Format a Visually Appealing Education Resume

A visually appealing education resume that is formatted and uses modern design enhancements is important, just like the content in the resume.

As a resume writer with 16 years of expertise, I have reviewed many education resumes and cover letters. Most of the documents would benefit greatly from being revised and enhanced.

Why? Because in order to obtain a desirable teaching position, it is essential to lure a potential hiring committee with a visually-appealing resume or CV that stands out in a slew of other candidates.

Before deciding on your resume design, identify your resume objectives. Content-wise, you want to match your skills with the advertised job position (Resume Summary/Profile), and emphasize relevant education and experience. Drilling deeper, relatable skills (bullet points) and activities should stand out. All of this information should be presented in a modular and easily skimmable resume design.  

Is Your Education Curriculum Vitae Visually-Appealing?

Here are some helpful content and design hints useful for both the experienced and entry level teacher resume:

Content Ideas for a Visually Appealing Resume

Highlight the Top Third

The top third of the page, which can be referred to as the introduction, is critical. Within 20 seconds, the introduction must address what you can do to benefit the school district. Begin with a title, if appropriate, and then use a summary or profile to illustrate your key strengths and core competencies.

This section must be compelling enough to generate interest and convince the reader to read on. Note how impactful the first third of this elementary school principal resume is. In a small space, this school administrator has provided her career summary, a list of relevant skills and a recommendation quote.

Ensure the Education Resume Summary Stands Out

The resume summary or profile is where you incorporate eye-grabbing keywords. This section is imperative to ensure your resume is noticed by the human eye or the scanner. This secondary school teacher resume jumped out of my heap of resumes based on the engaging resume profile in her secondary school resume.

Include an Employment Summary

Moving to the employment section of the resume, if you are using a combination or chronological format, you will want to include a short, introductory paragraph to demonstrate the scope of the position and the skills necessary to perform the required duties. This section actually assists the inexperienced teacher by providing an opportunity to list entry level teacher resume objectives.

Apply the Correct Layout

List experience based on how it will be the most impactful. Choose between a chronological, functional or hybrid resume design. Experienced teachers typically list their experience from the most recent. If you have little experience, consider a functional resume format. Be creative and group teaching apprenticeships, tutoring and summer camp leadership in a Teaching section.

Use Bulleted Points

Accomplishments for each position should be bulleted. This list format is very important since the reader's eye will be drawn to this area, scanning for noteworthy achievements. Many people often express that they do not possess any accomplishments. I know different; everyone has made contributions to the school district in one way or another. Take a moment to brainstorm and list the various activities, projects, and events you have partaken in. Look over your list and decide which accomplishments are relevant and include them in your resume. Always begin a bullet with a positive action word, and ensure that the bullet is concise.

Here are some examples that may help get your creative juices flowing:

Design Ideas for a Visually Appealing Resume

Use Modular Elements

Modular boxes of text are more appealing to the eye. You may have noticed that modular designs have dominated magazine pages in recent years. Readers are more likely to read a page they can tackle in chunks rather than one large mass of text. Ideas: Dates and even position titles can run down a separate column to the left. Present education in boxes running horizontally across the page. This education consultant successfully crams in a lot of information in her education consultant resume – even several recommendation quotes – by using a variety of modular elements.

Leave White Space

Applying the same logic, the reader is more likely to interact with a page that looks open and inviting, rather than dense with lines of text. Your resume should look like an easy read. For example, present key skills in a few words listed in neat columns rather than long lines of text. One-inch margins and lots of white space make this Preschool Teacher Resume a pleasure to read.

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Apply Bullets and Fonts

Sections of bulleted text help create a modular design look. Round bullets or arrows are much more attractive than hyphens. Experiment with new fonts to make your resume stand out. If you want something different from the regular Microsoft Word choices, check out Font Squirrel for a large collection of free fonts used by amateur and professional designers.

Add Color

A touch of color can bring an online resume to life. Most resumes are consumed online today. Remember that most colored text will not be visually appealing after being printed out in black and white. Your design choices should always support both offline and online viewing. Commonly colored elements include the applicant's name, key titles, dividing lines, and frames or boxes. A splash of bright colors  helps bring this Preschool Teacher Resume to life.  

Consider Including a Small Relevant Industry Icon Graphic

A small graphic makes a powerful impression and can generate more responses. A icon could be particularly important in the teaching sector where creativity is important. A candidate with a nose ring scar may not get the interview. You are your best asset. 

Whether presenting an experienced teacher resume or a resume for teachers without experience, design elements provide you with more flexibility and creativity to present yourself in an impactful way.

Above all, ensure your resume content is logically organized and neat. No one wants to hire a messy teacher.

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