Tips to Recession-Proof Your Teacher Resume to Survive an Economic Slump

Don't let a looming recession sidetrack your teaching career. It's good to know that teaching is one of the few professions that will continue to grow in the coming years. Good teachers are always needed and, if you do a good job writing your resume, you'll be able to recession-proof your career.

There are some things to consider when preparing your teacher resume for tough economic times. Start with your most recent resume, if you have one, and modify it to

create the perfect resume for each situation. Here are some tips.

Highlight results and accomplishments, rather than what you think you can do. It's becoming more and more important for teachers to show that they HAVE produced excellent results; this will indicate to the reader that you can do it again. When you create your resume, make sure that you include specific examples of your successes. Use the C.A.R. approach: What was the challenge, the action you took, and the result? This will clearly explain your accomplishment. 

Continuing education is an important part of every teacher resume. Be sure to include any classes, seminars, or courses you've taken recently. This shows you are a progressive teacher who is thirsty for knowledge and always trying to improve your teaching skills to stay current.

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Flexibility is important, especially in a recession. The school may need you to work at more than one assignment. Knowing this, it is important to focus your resume on your ability to be flexible. Make sure you highlight some of your secondary skills, as well as your primary skills. For example, you may be trained and experienced as an English teacher, but remember to include your athletic or music talents. You never know when a dual role will be required and by showcasing all your abilities, you'll be more valuable to an employer.

Update your resume frequently; a stagnant document is obvious. To ensure you include your most recent skills and accomplishments, keep a computer file of your resume along with notes about any recent classes or seminars you've taken and experiences you've had with children.

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Keep your references updated; let these individuals know you are searching for employment. Do this to be sure they are not caught off guard when a call for a reference is made. You'll want to include the best and most recent references, written by those who know your talents and will give you a glowing recommendation. As you update your references, always include those who are at the "top of the ladder," such as principals, superintendents, assistant principals, or department chairmen.

Use the latest teaching industry buzz words. This will show you are staying current in your profession and increases the odds of your resume getting read by a personnel director if it is scanned. Likewise, keep abreast of the latest developments in education so you can tailor your resume to these trends.

Customize your resume and cover letter to the specific job for which you are applying, if possible. This helps ensure your resume is geared to a particular school's or school district's needs.

Have your resume professionally critiqued, preferably by a resume writing company that specializes in education. We would love to review your documents and let you know if they will stand out from others.