Importance of a Complete Resume Package

You have been scanning the local papers, using online job searches, and have finally found a few ideal teaching positions that match your experience and skill set. You begin to question your path, asking "Where do I go from here?", "How do I ensure an interview?"

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Interview Coach, I have coached hundreds and even thousands of individuals in the art of job-hunting.  I must say that the entire job hunting process is an art! Whether you are a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional, it is essential that you showcase your skills and experience in a proficient and complete manner, enhancing your professionalism and commitment.

Importance of a Complete Resume Package

A complete resume package will consist of the following:

Cover Letter: A cover letter is the first impression a potential school district will receive. It must capture the employers' attention and appeal to the reader's interests immediately. A cover letter is not the time to rehash your resume, but rather peak the reader's interest and entice them to read further.

Resume: Remember that this is where you will showcase your experience and skills. Utilizing powerful keywords and actions words will engage the reader. A hiring manager will either become enthusiastic about you, or forget who you are. A strong and relevant resume is your ticket to securing an interview.

Reference List: A professional reference is someone whom you have worked with in the past. It could be a supervisor or co-worker. These individuals would be someone you worked closely with or co-workers in other departments who admired your work. You could also include supervisors who were active in helping you learn and grow.

Thank You Letter: Thank you letters are an essential factor in the interviewing process, and should be sent to each individual on an interview committee. Neglecting to send a thank you letter may give someone else the upper hand in securing the job you want. A thank you letter can be sent by mail, fax, or e-mail, and should be sent no more than 48 hours after your interview.

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Philosophy of Education Statement: This is generally a one to one and a half page, double spaced statement. It provides the reader an overview of the educator's thoughts and beliefs about education, learning, teaching methods, and working with students. The statement shows the writer's passion for teaching and covers numerous different issues, therefore it must be concise and interesting -- you don't want to ramble. The writing of the statement can vary, but most use a straightforward, narrative essay approach. Many teachers have a difficult time conveying their thoughts on paper, for this reason, they contact us to create an unique, inspiring Philosophy of Education Statement. This marketing document is growing in popularity, educators believe it increases the chance of getting an invitation to a job interview or securing a job offer.

As you can see, there is a significant amount of time invested in an effective job search, but ensuring that you have a complete and professional resume package will guarantee a solid presentation of your skills, accomplishments, experience, and professionalism.

Over the past eight years our clients have requested a combination of different job search marketing documents. We have put together many unique packages to accommodate their needs. Advancing your education career is our career. See what past clients are saying about our resume writing service.

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