Effectively Use Resume Writing Steps to Market Your Value

Resume writing steps to help you picture the recruiting process like a sale. The person who is recruiting (hiring) is the buyer and you are the actual product.

To start selling the product, you need to create a strong advertisement which describes the benefits of purchasing. Just like the packaging of a product attracts the attention of a shopper, your resume and cover letter must catch the interest of the reader.

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Resumes are Used to Market a Product — and the Product is You!

Use Business Objectives to Improve Your Resume Marketing

When you are writing your resume, you are using it to market yourself to a prospective employer; for this reason, you need to show the return on investment. What will the hiring manager get by hiring you for a certain position? When creating your resume, ask yourself tough bottom line business questions:

Did you...

help increase student motivation, and if so how?

save the school money? If yes, how and how much?

turnaround declining parent involvement?

troubleshoot a major problem?

increase student retention or enrollment?

increase public awareness of the school? Its educational programs?

develop a new program that increased performance (e.g., reading and writing skills)?

Your school administration is accountable for these areas to the school district, reporting monthly – if not on a weekly and daily basis. You can make a strong connection to the administrator or principal interviewing you for a teaching position by understanding and communicating how you can help them meet their job performance metrics.

Let's translate these business objectives into examples of classroom activities that fall under your purview.

Did you…

introduce mobile learning apps to the classroom that boosted learning productivity? If so, did they save the school money on textbooks?

turn around falling Math scores by introducing a popular new Math learning program to the classroom?

improve student performance through the above technology and as a result increase student retention and enrollment?

introduce a new learning program that has been written about in education journals? used by other districts?

These questions will definitely depend on the position that you are seeking, but this should give you an idea of accomplishments to put in your resume. Think of it this way, what was the challenge, what were your actions and what was the end result? After you answer those questions you will have a solid accomplishment — and that is what sells.

You are now thinking like a resume marketer. Teachers who think about their jobs in terms of both learning and business outcomes are more apt to be motivated to introduce innovative teaching methods to the classroom to meet them.

Partner With the Business Community

Many businesses are eager to help you meet your classroom objectives. Connie is an elementary school teacher who understands that effective business people form productive partnerships. She has started a weekly office productivity games class with PowerPoint games and MS Word design contests to teach students these essential education and business productivity tools. Microsoft in education provides related learning programs saving her time developing and acquiring learning materials. Many new learning programs are being offered through mobile apps. Developers of these software programs are willing to provide full support to classroom users.

Writing a More Impactful Resume With Business Objectives

Your task as a resume marketer is communicating these business objectives and accomplishments in standard resume sections – a doable goal that business resumes easily accomplish. In fact, you may want to peruse a few business resumes to get ideas.

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Resume Sections or Categories to Include

Set yourself the goal of using numbers to demonstrate your performance whenever possible in your resume. Quantitative evidence is very influential in a resume and should be used alongside qualitative examples.

Review this school principal resume and note how her experience lists line after line of impressive quantitative performance improvements she has delivered. The elementary and primary teacher resume can also make a greater impression by listing hard deliverables. Numbers are not only for school administrators. Also consider business objectives when writing your teacher resume skills, often listed in the top third of the resume.

How to Write a Resume That Means Business

Education professionals use the resume as the first tool to separate applicants who are qualified for the job position from those who lack qualifications.

The challenge for job seekers is to compose a top quality resume which will get an interview with a prospective employer. After all, the sole purpose of a resume is to get the reader to pick up the phone or send an email inviting you to a first interview. First, put on your resume marketer hat.

A good resume does not contain every detail about your past work experience. The aim is to get the reader to 'buy' your proposal and this can be accomplished if you create an achievement-based, keyword-rich, visually appealing, targeted resume. During the interview you can go into details about certain aspects of your resume and elaborate on specifics, if needed and appropriate.

Be clear and concise in the message you wish to communicate. Ensure that it is reader friendly, and illustrates your ability to do the job. The best way to secure a chance of an interview is to ensure that the first page of your resume catches the employer's eye.

Use a Professional Business Presentation

A professional, business presentation is equally important, especially for teaching positions. We now have access to many creative tools to develop online documents, but designs should always conform to the targeted market. You are not applying for a graphic designer position.

Do not print your resume on purple paper, use a 30-point font or include inappropriate, gaudy graphics. It must look and read like a business document. The information presented should be pleasing to the eye, easy to read, professionally worded, and printed on quality resume paper. From just looking at the first page, your prospective employer should get a clear picture of your career goals, relevant qualifications and achievements before they even turn to the second page.

Using Correct Education Keywords In Your Resume and Letter is Vital

When writing your resume, the industry language and tone used is crucial. If you are not sure of the buzzwords to incorporate browse over job postings and descriptions. This will help you learn the keywords for the position you are seeking or the industry to which you are applying.

It is important to remember that your resume is your marketing tool and it should be presented as such. Avoid long, convoluted sentences. Imagine you are writing a marketing advertisement. Use short, to-the-point phrasing in resume marketing. Choose words that have high impact.

Instead of saying:



Review how education keywords can add magic to an academic resume.

Don't underestimate the importance a resume has on marketing what you can bring to an organization. Your resume will determine whether the reader picks up the phone or discards your document.

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