Professionally Written Resume VS Homemade Resume

We have all had about five minutes of resume writing techniques while attending college. This is just enough to ensure you could splice together something that would showcase your education and work history for a potential school district. In today's highly competitive job market, it has never been more important that your resume not only contain the essential information for which an employer is looking for, but also capture their attention to the point that they can't wait to call you for an interview.

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Certified Interview and Career Coach, I have encountered thousands of professionals who were not achieving success in the job market. Most of the blame could be placed on their resume. Remember, a proficiently written resume could mean the difference between sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring or sitting in the Principal's office interviewing for your dream job.

Professionally Written Resume VS Homemade Resume

A homemade resume is pale in comparison to a professional resume because most:

  1. List tasks that were performed and never mention challenges and achievements made.
  2. Are cookie cutter styles and are not visually appealing to a potential employer.
  3. Lack spunk and creativity as most individuals find it difficult to effectively write about themselves, and tend to leave out important and crucial details.

A professionally written resume is unique to you and will:

  1. Effectively showcase your competencies and talents to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.
  2. Capture the attention of the reader through the use of keywords, expert writing and creative layout.
  3. Accentuate your career achievements in a manner that uncovers your past and present contributions to past employers. This will ensure a potential school district understands the value you can bring to their school community.
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See for yourself! Take a look at the before and after:

Profile (Before):

Elementary teacher who is caring and nurturing with the ability to develop lesson plans and develop an environment that is cheerful.

Profile (After):

Accommodating, child-focused, and highly motivated elementary instructor dedicated to instilling a passion for life-long learning in every student. Caring individual with the talent to foster a positive and risk-free environment in which students will adopt the learning process. Skilled in developing challenging mind-catching curriculum that will inspire students; remains flexible in curriculum development addressing every child's learning ability.

Accomplishment (Before):

Designed and implemented creative lesson plans that allowed students to learn; accommodated all learning styles and abilities.

Accomplishment (After):

Increased student learning and class participation through the implementation of creative hands-on lesson plans that inspired students; remained flexible and accommodating to ensure that all learning styles and abilities were effectively addressed.