Questions Teachers Frequently Ask

I should be able to develop my own resume, after all, I am an educator. Why should I retain a Certified Professional Resume Writing Service?

Simple, a Certified Professional Resume Writing Service is:

Candace is not only a Dually-Certified Resume Writer, but a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) and a Certified Electronic Career Coach (CECC), and an Associate Certified Career Coach Candidate (ACC). She has the credentials to help you every step of the way. 

I don't have a resume, so how do you gather the information to make my documents unique?

When you purchase our resume, cover letter, or P of E Statement services you will immediately receive, via email, a series of questions that assist in uncovering your unique qualities, accomplishments, values, and beliefs. We ask a large amount of questions in order to create documents that are specific and very unique to you... this is why our resumes have proven to be so effective... your resume and cover letter must be distinctive and incomparable in order to unveil your value to the hiring school district. As you complete the worksheet, you don't have to pay attention to sentence structure, grammar, etc. Leave that to us. Our job is to produce a polished and professional piece of writing. This worksheet is one of the features that set us apart from other companies; we know that information gathering is critical in the creation of a powerful document. Many clients have commented on how impressed they are with the worksheet and how it helped them to gather pertinent information and recall past experiences. As a result, clients feel confident and better prepared for the interview.

How long does the process take?

Upon payment you will instantly receive the worksheet, via email. Upon receipt of your completed worksheet, your order will be completed within five business days. We can accommodate a shorter turnaround but we would have to discuss this arrangement first.

How do I know you are a legitimate business?

First of all, we belong to 5 resume writing and coaching organizations that bind members to a code of ethics, which if broken can cancel our membership along with our credibility. Second, if this wasn't a reputable website why would we devote so much time and effort into designing this web site and producing a helpful and informative newsletter? Additionally, our referral rate is very high. We have also spent a tremendous amount of time designing this website and producing valuable content just for you to help shorten your job search.

I don't have any experience in the education sector only from the business world, I am a career changer and on the Alternate Route Program. Can you help me?

No problem, we work with many individuals in the same situation as you. The key is to concentrate all your transferable skills into concocting an education-focused resume... and we do this everyday with great success.

How do I know if I will be pleased with my resume?

One simply has to look at past comments from clients, our success rate, and our high referral rate to realize that we must be doing something right. You can send any requests or revisions by fax or email... we will make any changes necessary to ensure your satisfaction - this is important and must be emphasized - we do not want anyone leaving our company unhappy - we are very familiar with the power of word of mouth. As mentioned earlier, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and are devoted to working with you to achieve this. If you don't land an interview within 30 days  we will rewrite your resume for free... we have found however, that our clients have never had cause to take us up on this.

Can I make changes to my resume?

Absolutely, they are your documents. You are probably asking this because some companies do not allow you to make revisions; we are not one of these companies. In fact, you will probably want to tailor the cover letter to your specific needs by entering the proper date, contact name, school district, and address, etc. Some clients find it worthwhile to change a few sentences to tailor the letter to a specific school district.

Why do you need 100% up front?

First of all, our career development worksheet is extensive and we believe it is superior to most other companies. We take pride in this vital tool that allows us to create the document that will provide you with limitless opportunities and therefore we don't send it out without payment. Second, the documents are unique and fit only one person, thus giving the hiring manager the rare and special chance to get to know you on a more personal level. Your personality, your values, and your unique skills will entice the reader, resulting in an unforgettable first impression ...

Why should I hire A+ Resume for Teachers?

Aside from the fact that we would enjoy working with you, check out our home page if you want to know more.

Is it right for someone else to write my resume and cover letter?

Yes, it is. You may be the very best educator but if your documents don't demonstrate this, then how will that certain school district realize the benefits of your abilities? We take your skills, your accomplishments, and your experiences and transform them into a masterpiece. Teaching students is your expertise. Getting you an interview with the district of your choice is ours. Many clients comment on how well their documents describe the person they are...and they should... because we combine all of your ideas and thoughts from your worksheet and create wonderfully marketable documents. We design resumes and cover letters for the best educators, because they understand how important these documents are... but simply cannot afford the time and attention required to create them.

Why do I need a thank you letter or follow up letter?

This is a letter that can be tailored following the interview. This letter will reinforce your candidacy and emphasize your value to the hiring school district. It also gives you the opportunity to mention anything else that might have been forgotten. Many job seekers do not feel the need to employ this type of letter, and the majority of those who do, use it incorrectly. A targeted thank you letter will strengthen your position with the interviewer. And often times, it is the deciding factor.

The follow-up letter maintains open communication while establishing your name in the forefront. Follow-up letters exhibit three important points:

  1. You are still very interested in the position
  2. Assurance that you are well qualified to handle the job
  3. You will be waiting for a prompt response

Why do I need a text (ASCII) version of my documents?

If you are conducting your job search via the Internet, it is imperative you have a text (ASCII) version of your resume and cover letter. This enables you to send your documents via email to potential districts, and post to school district websites and online job boards. Utilizing a text version involves the reformatting of your MS Word documents after all revisions have been made. If you copy from a MS Word file it will look all jumbled up, because Word has formatting. Converting to a text (ASCII) version strips the formatting from the original documents making it easy to copy and paste.

If you send your resume as an attachment, many districts will not access it, for fear of viruses or incompatible software. They may quickly DELETE your documents rather than risk acquiring a virus. Be sure that you always send your documents as a text in the body of an email unless the ad/posting specifically states otherwise. This will always allow the documents to be fully readable by the recipient.

What is a Reference Sheet?

You should have a reference sheet prepared before the interview. You may have to send it in with your information package, if not, then save it for the interview - this is when you will be asked for references. The reference sheet should match the letterhead of your resume and cover letter.

How do I get started?

The process is very simple. You can start by going directly to our resume pricing and service page and order online through a secured server. Or, you can contact us toll-free at (877) 738 - 8052 or send an email to if you have further questions.

If you like, we offer a free complimentary 15 minute consultation and assessment. We can then talk about your current career objectives, how your present resume (if you have one) has been working, and what career services would be appropriate. If you don't have an existing resume, that is perfectly fine.  

Once you decide to "jump-start" your career, payment (in the form of check, Visa or Master Card) must be provided; 100% is billed at the beginning of the project. As you place your order, through our secured server, you can review our "terms of agreement". 

After payment is processed through the secured server, you will automatically receive further instructions. If you ordered the resume, you will receive a customized questionnaire to help organize your career background. This will be delivered the moment you order the product. Once you return it, you can expect your resume, cover letter, or other documents via email, as an MS Word document, within 3-5 business days. Rush service is available in emergency situations (add $75.00 to quote, but we discourage working on such a tight schedule).


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Success Stories


Thank you for your update on my resume from last year. I always get compliments on my resume and cover letter. I have landed a better job closer to my home for the upcoming school year! Thank you for all your help. I have just printed out some information from your website to pass onto two of my teacher friends that wanted to know how I did my resume! I always have friends that after seeing my resume want to copy its format and if I feel like sharing my secret I pass on your information.

Thanks again."

V. B.

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