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I love, love, love all of the work you did on my resume, cover letter, and recommendation letter!!!! Thank you so much for all of your help, and for getting them done so quickly! It helps so much since we are leaving for NC this coming Sunday! You have helped me so much, and I am extremely grateful! Sincerely yours,

C. W.

"Oh my gosh!!! Perfect!! NO mistakes. Easy to read! Thank You so much. I feel so confident now that I will be able to go into a school and present myself both professionally and fully. Creating a resume is overwhelming to a first year teacher. You have taken that stress away. You are my Calgon :) Thank you a million times! "

J. J.

"I have to say, the look and sound of the resume, cover letter, teaching philosophy essay, along with a personal statement of why I want to work for a school, totally revised and completed sounds AMAZING!!! It was seriously the best investment of money! Many thanks! "

M. A.

"My signature says it all (Principal)!!! Thank you for providing this wonderful resource. I submitted my cover letter and had 4 interviews totaling 8 hours. I even utilized the Thank You letter template and received great reviews. I am living my dream...THANK YOU! "

K. A.

"I got hired into the top school in the state of PA!! My family and I are very excited at this opportunity, and I wanted to thank you for your help. My resume must have stood out among the 211 applicants I was up against. I had three interviews for this school district, and each time I studied your material...from the 101 interview questions, to the news letters. Your information is current and relevant to what principals are looking for in their candidates. THANK YOU!!! I will send others your way. Sincerely,"

D. Y.

"The testimonials about your service are true; I am very impressed by your response to the urgency of my email, and I have a few of your ebooks, they are REALLY valuable. I will share your information with others. Many thanks for helping us educators."

F. T.

"Hello Candace, Last summer I used your service to re-write my resume, compose a Cover Letter, Philosophy of Education, and Thank-You letter package. I have submitted it several times over the past year, and actually obtained some interviews (which had not been happening). I realized that just having the credentials was not enough. I needed help in properly presenting them. I also purchased your online interview tips book, and it was an excellent resource before each interview.

With all of the "bad news" during the past year on the teacher job scene, I had almost given up on finding a job any time soon. I was seeking other employment options. Then, right out of the blue, a true "dream job" opened up for me. I know your professional materials played a huge part in not only obtaining the interview, but I also got the job. Beginning next month, I will be an elementary music teacher! Thank you so much for your help. I will be forever grateful. Sincerely, "

C. B.

"Hi Candace! About 18 months ago, you did my resume for me & it was awesome. I just wanted you to know that I just got called for a final interview for an elementary PE position. The principal told me that out of all the resumes they received,(and when a PE position opens up, it could be in the hundreds) mine stood out the most because of YOUR format!! He was soooo impressed that he is going to use it as a model for his own children at home. I am very excited to hopefully be back teaching again & I can't thank you enough. I spread the word about your work all the time-you certainly have a gift!! Thanks again & I hope your kids have a smooth start to their school year!

Sincerely, "

L. K.

Dear Candace: I am so very pleased with my resume. It was an effortless process! Thank you again , and I will recommend your services.

M. N.

"Wow, Candace,

You are SUPERWOMAN!!! I took ten minutes before work today to look at these fantastic documents, everything looks very good. This is so exciting, I am so inspired and confident.

Wonderful Teamwork Candace! Now I can go confidently in the direction of my dreams! Sincerely, "

J. O.

"I just wanted to thank you for all you help. The resume was awesome and it arrived on time for my job fair. Thank you so much for all you help.

Sincerely, "

C. G.

"Wow, this is a very well written P of E Statement. Thank you. I am very pleased with it because all my thoughts and feeling about education are written and described. Thank you."

N. R.

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the documents that you and your team created. I am happy that I purchased your services. This comes at a bittersweet time as I found out the position that I am seeking "may not" be available. Ah, the life of school politics. Anyway, I will keep the documents in a safe place and update them as needed. I am confident I will secure an assistant principal position in the next few years. In the future I will not hesitate to use your services again or recommend you to my network of teaching colleagues.

Take Care, "

K. T.

"I used your service last year. Your company wrote my resume, Philosophy of Education Statement, references, and cover letter. I was quite successful using the package: immediately 4 interviews and three job offers, one of which I took as an Assistant Principal. I am now ready to look for a Principal position, but can modify everything from last year with the exception of the cover letter. I must tell you that all four schools that I interviewed with said that they were impressed with the application/resume package--one of the most professional they have seen. It definitely got me noticed and then convinced them to call for an interview.

Sincerely, "

K. M.

"I accepted my dream job last night at the job fair (an hour before the fair even started!!!). Kindergarten teacher in Saudi Arabia. I don't know how to thank you, but I guess this letter will work.

You helped me so much: confidence and reflection stand out in my mind the most. It has been a wonderful season working with you, building professional documents and getting me ready for the 2+ hour interview I had the other day (2 days before the fair even started). I was in a league of my own at that fair, it seemed like it was the other 350 candidates and then me on some wonderful island.

* This is the LARGEST salary and benefits package in the world for a kindergarten teacher -- wow, we did it!

I just paid for my one hour session with you last month, sorry I missed your call the other day, the power lines were down here all day. The one hour was enough last time, the interview was EXCELLENT! "

Thanks again,"

J. O.

PS. Do I owe you a placement fee?   ; )  

"Wow! Thank you very much: working with you may prove to be my best investment of the year. I could not have come up with anything close to this."

E. K.

"Thank you very much, Candace. You were a pleasure to work with a fountain of knowledge!!!! I will keep in touch and look forward to my next placement.

You too, have a great 2009 year !!!!! "

N. C.

"I think your website is extremely useful. I have just relocated to another country and needed to know the general trend of writing resumes here. The sample resumes for principals and secondary school teachers were particularly helpful.

I sincerely thank you all for making such a brilliant effort of adding more content to your website. I am sure many more like me will get a mile out of this.

Cheers !"

V. N.

"WOW! I made a few changes, but WOW! I don't know if I would have ever been able to sell myself the way you have! Thank you! If I come across anything I will let you know! "

H. D.

"Candace, please feel free to use my words on your site. I am amazed at the job search results; I sent out only 5 resumes and received 4 interviews which resulted in excellent offers. The one I accepted is the dream job that I discussed with you -
a position I never thought possible. This is a reflection on the quality of your work. Thanks so much, you are a pleasure to work with."

R. Tealman, New York City, NY

"As a College Professor, it was difficult to hire a professional to develop my resume and letter of introduction. To start with, I retained your services because I didn't have the time to devote to the project. After seeing the work you did for me, I am so glad I didn't TRY to take the time. I could NEVER produce anything close to the professional documents you have. A million thanks and all the best to you. I will send clients your way."

Trevor S - College Professor

"I am sure glad that my friend pointed me in your direction. The results from the resume were beyond what I would have imagined."

Ted G, Washington, DC

"Candace, just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You provide a wonderful service. You are everything your website states, I landed the position you help me interview for. I am so happy, it's just what I wanted. Like you explained to me, "It's not an expense, it's an investment in your future." How true that statement is. Wishing you and your crew all the best. You have been a pleasure to work with."

Terry L - Superintendent, California

"Thank you for the resume - quite impressive! Hope I can live up to it! I'm starting to think that having such a great, powerful resume to get me off on the right foot with interviewers will really help me tap into a deeper sense of confidence after all these years being out of the loop.

The use of quotes in the resume is wonderful - they sound great, can be substantiated through the letters, and I don't have to ‘toot my own horn'!

I have no doubt the resume will open doors that might not otherwise have opened for me before, particularly after all these years out of the more traditional workplace. I can't see how anyone wouldn't at least call me in for an interview!

To my ‘Career Confessor'- thanks for taking in all my myriad information from a rather ‘checquered' career and making it shine.

Thanks so much!"

E. Wiley, San Antonio, TX

"I love all my documents Candace! They are perfect. Your team is wonderful to work with."

K. P.

"I am so excited. I landed the Elementary Teaching position in the "plum" district I wanted. A billion thanks for your assistance Candace. Don't forget to thank your team, as well."

G. H.

"It is really impressive how you put the stuff I gave you in such a professional display. I would definitely hire me, I have read the resume and letter 10 times and see absolute perfection. Add me to you LONG list of happy clients."

Todd W. - Elementary Teacher

"Candace, I am so pleased with the work you have completed. My resume, cover, and philosophy statement reflect me and my personality, something I didn't think was possible with someone else putting it together. Your team provides an EXCEPTIONAL service. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my colleagues."

Karrie C. - History Teacher

"Impressive Candace, you write very well. I never thought a resume could look so good, especially mine. This resume and cover letter will certainly give me the confidence and the power I need. Once again, a million thanks, so glad I found you on the Internet."

H. Storely, Redwater, TX

"I am sure you hear this all the time, but I just wanted to let you know I am very pleased, actually EXTREMELY pleased, with the resume and cover letter your team developed. They are very accurate and demonstrate my skills and accomplishments. It is so nice to look at. I couldn't have done this myself. Like you said, it is tough to write about yourself and I don't write resumes everyday like you do. I am so happy I hired you."

Rodney T - P.E. Teacher

"I just wanted to take the time to let you know I got the job I really wanted. I am so very pleased and fortunate I found you to helped me. The interview panel all commented on my documents. I am POSITIVE the job wouldn't have been offered to me without the documents you produced. In fact, I wouldn't have got an interview. You are a very nice and talented lady."

J. T. - Principal, Texas

"With this resume I'm sure people will be knocking down the door to interview me."

Shannon R, New London, CT

"Thanks so much Candace for helping me with my resume and cover letter. I WAS a little concerned about finding a position with no "real" teaching experience, but you have put my skills on paper so well. I know I will find a great job. I will keep you posted."

Karen S. - Student Teacher

"I received 5 interviews, one week after sending out my resume. Thanks so much…now I need help with the interview. Glad you're around to help."

Karen S. - Student Teacher

"I can't believe how good you are at this.. my P of E statement reflects my beliefs to a 'T.' It is a masterpiece. Thank you so much! You have convinced me to have my resume and cover letter developed."

Julie A. -- High School Teacher

"Candace, this is what the school principal said about my cover letter. 'From the second I read your cover letter, I knew you were the person for the position. The summary of what you have to offer the school and the students are exactly what we are looking for.''

Brian M, Houston, Texas

"Your interview coaching was extremely helpful. I interviewed today, at ABC School District, it went really great. I felt so confident and the words came out of my mouth the way they were suppose to. You have given me some great advice that I will be able to use it throughout my career. You are a very knowledgeable and thoughtful person. I will recommend you to anyone who needs help with their career. Once again, thanks."

Brian H. -- Athletic Director

"WOW!! Thank you so much for offering this service. I was nervous about it, I had never paid anyone to write something for me before, but this is wonderful. It is EXACTLY what I would say if I had known how to say it myself. You have, so clearly, stated my beliefs and feelings. You are truly talented."

Thank you again,

J. R.

"Wow, I love it!!!!!!! It's me!!! Good luck with the baby. If I have any questions, I will email you. If you would like me to give a positive comment to put on your website, I would say that you keep working with someone until it's exactly what they want. Your service saves a lot of time and stress. It's definitely worth the investment."

Thanks again,

L. A.

"I went for my interview today and did I ever feel great after I left. I was so confident and my responses sounded intelligent, concise, and relevant… I really do think the panel was impressed, Candace. I could not have felt or performed this way without your professional help. I will have to wait for a week to find out the outcome.

You were certainly put on this earth to do what you do! I am so happy to have trusted your service."



"I got the job Candace. I am so happy. Words can't express my appreciation to you for all your help."

Good luck with everything


"You did such a wonderful job on my resume and other documents... I can't tell you how impressed I am. I am so happy I found and trusted your service online."

Carl J

"I got the position Candace! I can't believe that after substituting for so long I will finally will have a classroom of my own. I can honestly say, I know it is because you helped me every step of the way, from the excellent resume and letter to help with the interview. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!!!!!! "

Barry W

"You do provide such a great service for educators. I didn't know how to make my resume look like I was qualified for an administrator's position... and you made that possible. I submitted two resumes and received two interviews. I can't thank you enough."

Becky S

"I can't begin to tell you how very pleased I am with the resume and cover letter. I seen the samples on your site but never thought mine would look and sound that great. I was wrong. You are wonderful."

K. L.

"WOW is an understatement. I love everything about my documents. Thank you so much Candace, you are the best."

P. R.

"Can't find a single thing to complain about... and believe me, I am picky. Worth every cent... and more."

B. G.

"I just had to write and tell you I got the job. The one we talked about on the phone. I still can believe it, I tried to get an interview with this district for 5 years and no luck until I sent in the resume and letter you created. My whole family thinks you are an angel."

R. T.

"Candace, I am so pleased with my whole package. I will definitely stand out from the other candidates. I feel so confident already, this will certainly help when I enter the interview room."

L. M.

"Nicely done Candace. I am so excited with what you came up with, I could never have come close to these wonderful documents. Thank you so much for providing this valuable service."

K. M.


"Your writing is absolutely fantastic! I was in total awe as I read through the "Thank you" letter; then on to the Resume. I sat in total silence for 30 minutes looking at this document (my mouth nearly hit the floor). I read it over and over----it was totally amazing!

My favorite is the "Philosophy of Education" statement. I never dreamed that my personal philosophy could sound so good on paper and it's all due to you. I shared my Resume with a colleague and he will certainly be one of your next clients. I have received so many compliments it's unbelievable! Thank you, Candace, for one of the best job search services on the internet! I'll let you know how many offers I receive!"

Thank you (X 10,000),"

N. H.

"The documents are everything I wanted... you have exceeded my expectations, and for that I thank you. I am so very impressed, and so was my mentor. I will pass your name on to many of my colleagues and friends."

T. G.

"Wonderful service Candace. I loved the coaching you provided me with. I felt so confident walking into the interview room and the interviewer commented how great I did.

Thanks to you."

Y. P.

"Thanks for helping prepare for my promotional interview.

As I had stated, I have been through the process before and had never been able to improve on my interviewing skills enough to get the promotion. Your assistance in preparing answers to interview questions was very helpful. The mock interview we went through helped get me in the right frame of mind. I think I did better at the actual interview than during the practice one.

I was notified yesterday that I was the successful candidate, and was promoted .

Thanks again, "

B. R.

"Hello Candace,

Thanks for the help with my resume. I am very pleased with how organized and professional it looks. It definitely gets the readers attention and will help me find my ideal job. I definitely made the right decision by getting some help. How much would I have to pay for future advice? I may make changes in the future and seek help.

Again, thanks for a job well done."

J. Z.

"I was offered the position as Pre-K, and I accepted. Thanks so much for your help. You were definitely a blessing!! "

N. C.


Just wanted to let you know that I was selected as Superintendent of Schools - XXXXX, last Tuesday. Thank you for your help in providing a quality product and much information. You have a terrific way with words.

I am grateful for all your work! Thanks"

D. D.


This is the best P of E statement I have ever read!! Do not change a thing. I absolutely love it! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this.

Thanks a bunch! ''

C. K.


Hello! You prepared my administrative resume' last year and it just paid off----big! I am a teacher that has been searching for an administrative position for the past two years. I faxed my resume' (and philosophy of education statement) to the potential employer and I was called for an interview the next day. They were obviously impressed by my credentials and I have YOU to thank for making me sound so good! I didn't have the opportunity to try your interview coaching, but I always read your newsletters and tips for interviewing. These certainly paid off as I had no trouble answering any of their questions and I even answered several before they were asked! I had a 2.5 hour interview and received a tour of the building after the interview and a personal call from the Superintendent four days later.

Thank you so much, Candace, for your expertise. Without your writing skills in my corner, I would never have landed this interview and subsequently, this job!

You're the best!"



I just wanted to email you and let you know that I GOT A JOB with the district I wanted!!! They even hired me over the phone due to me being out of the State. I can't believe it! Thank you for all of your hard work and support. I truly believe that my resume and cover letter along with the practice interview really helped land me the job!


S. M.


Thank you for your update on my resume from last year. I always get compliments on my resume and cover letter. I have landed a better job closer to my home for the upcoming school year! Thank you for all your help. I have just printed out some information from your website to pass onto two of my teacher friends that wanted to know how I did my resume! I always have friends that after seeing my resume want to copy its format and if I feel like sharing my secret I pass on your information.

Thanks again."

V. B.

"Hi Candace!!!

It's taken quite a while but I'm happy to say I was offered the position at XXX school district and will be starting in a couple of weeks.

Thank you again for all of your help. During my final interview I was asked how I prepared for my interview and I was happy to say that I had your assistance as an Interview Coach. I have also recommended you to a few of my friends because you were so helpful.

Thanks again,"

D. S.

"Hi Candace,

I wanted to follow up with you. Since the Spring, I have secured a job in an amazing district exactly where I wanted to be. I am a Kindergarten teacher and cannot wait to begin my career as an educator. I know your hard work on both my resume and cover letter was instrumental in securing my job. I received so many compliments from administrators telling me how my resume was the best they had ever seen. That truly helped me stand out from the pack. Thanks a million!



"Hi Candace,

I wanted to catch you up on the latest. I start my new teaching position in XXX next Monday.

I have been interviewing for the past 3 weeks and boy oh boy that was tougher than putting the resume together. I can't emphasize enough...the importance of being well prepared in that stage of applying for a teaching job!!

One can be very knowledgeable in their field but to verbalize it professionally and express your thoughts is one of the keys things that will land that position.

But you know that already!!

I just wanted to bring home that point again. The interview can make or break you. I wish I had more experience and practice in that part of the job search.

Well again thank you and your great staff for all your help.


J. C.


I just wanted to follow up to let you know that I got a teaching job...AND, I got the job that I wanted!

Right after I applied for two different teaching jobs with the cover letter and resume that you produced for me, I received two interviews...and was offered a second interview for first job (which I subsequently turned down) and a teaching position on the spot for the other!

Thank you again for all your help; I am so pleased to be beginning my teaching career with the job that I was hoping for.

Best wishes for continued success,"

S. E.

"Dear Candace,

Thank you very much for all your time and effort. I am very pleased with the resume. You are a wonderful writer. I will keep you in mind for the future. It was nice speaking with you.

Sincerely, "

A. K.

"Thank you very much. I am very pleased with the quality of the resume and how quickly it came together. This is tremendous. Thanks!"

L. M.

"You guys are great. Thanks, Candace and I will continue to let everyone know how happy I am with what you were able to do for me.


T. D.


I just got a position to teach biology to 10th graders at an underprivileged high school in XXXXXXX. That is exactly what I wanted and I am very happy and excited about it. My resume masterfully crafted by you helped me tremendously. I want to thank you again.

Take Care "

M. P.


I am happy to inform you that I have accepted a permanent chemistry teaching position. I was impressed with the resume that you designed for me. I would think that it was not an easy task to capture 26 years of employment without the resume looking like a list. We have three colleges that graduate teachers within 15 miles of the school in which I will be teaching, so there is plenty of competition for teaching positions. I believe that the resume and cover letter definitely gave me a competitive edge. I sent out the thank you notes the day following the interview. Truthfully, I think that I was hired before the interviewers received the notes. But since I am working full time, I it was great having a thank you note prepared in advance. I would highly recommend your service.


D. W.

"Dear Candace,

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome resume that you created for me in such a short notice of time. I was able to take it to the XXXX County job fair in XXX. I was only able to meet with one principal at the job fair and she pretty much offered me a job on the spot. I am now moving from XXX to XXX to be with my boyfriend, which I would not be able to do if I did not have a teaching position. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I know or meet that needs a resume.

Thanks again for everything!


S. W.

"Dear Candace,

Thank you very much for meeting me on the phone to discuss my interview strategies. It was an extremely enlightening and productive meeting for me. I'll use my new, "enlightened" approach this coming week. I'll let you know if I got a job, or need more help!

Thanks again,"


"Dear Candace,

Thank you so much for the wonderful resume, cover letter and philosophy of education. I just wanted to let you know that I got a teaching job for this fall with my first interview and the first resume I sent out! The principal commented several times about my philosophy of education being very clear and descriptive! This was definitely a great investment!

Thanks again!"

S. D.

"A few months ago I purchased from you, your resume package-which let me tell you was the best thing I ever did! Every single place I sent my resume to I was called back for an interview-and additionally was offered numerous jobs and a big part of that was how "outstanding" and "impressive" my resume was. I must thank you for all of your help and suggestions. SO thank you again!"

A. H.

"Thank you very much. I am very pleased with the results. I have made a few minor modifications, to fit me personally. Thank you. This saved me a lot of time that I do not currently have. It really reflects my personality."

A. M.

"Hi Candace,

I just wanted you to know that I think that you did a wonderful job with the cover letter, resume, and questions. I feel that these items display my skills and talents and I feel very proud to send them to prospective employers. Thank you so much for your hard work and talent.

Since school is out, I will be working on my philosophy of education and will send those answers to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again and have a great day!"


"Good morning Candace,

We are still in the process of getting our system connected at home, but I thought I would drop you a note and let you know that XXXXX has landed a 1st grade position with one of the newer elementary schools here in xxxxxx! Your resume package proved invaluable as she was one of the better represented candidates that applied for the job. I might mention that she secured this position in less than a week!

Thanks again and best wishes,"

J. D.

"You really did a wonderful job Candace, all the documents look fabulous. I showed them to my mentor teacher and she was impressed with your work.

Thanks so much for really caring, "

T. J.

"You provide such a wonderful service Candace. I just can't believe I did get the job I really wanted. I want you to know this wouldn't have happened with your help.

From the bottom of my heart... THANKS."


"I must have read your website 7 times, it is such a great site full of excellent information. I kept going back there and never ordered because I had a bad experience ordering online before with another company. You have restored my confidence in online ordering after I received the finished documents. They are beyond my expectations. You are truly a nice and talented person Candace.

Oh, and say thanks to the rest of your team."

Y. K.

"Wow, Candace, I must say I really appreciate everything you have done for me. Your staff's incredible writing ability and delivery of documents on time... and then your informative interview coaching technique help. I just want you to know I got that dream job... I can tell you now that I really didn't think I would get it, and I know it was the documents you created that got me that interview. You have a warm heart and a unique gift... and by reading your newsletters you are an incredible mother. I will refer many people your way.

Best wishes this Holiday Season, "

T. H.

"Dear Candace,

I got called at the last moment and went for an interview without your coaching but I did take your advice from your newsletter on the subject. I did my research as well as could be expected and went for broke ! I let them do the talking and answered what I felt was in a fluid and well structured format that 'hopefully' instilled my enthusiasm!

Again, you gave me the confidence and the 'me' facture that let them know I was someone to be reckoned with. Professional, confident and assured of my ability that would let them know that if they didn't hire me then they were at a loss, not me!

I WILL take on coaching for my next interview should I require it. I am so confident that they WILL offer me the job that I fear you may not have a customer in the end! You do your job too well!

Thank you ever so much!

Yours from sunnier Spain!"

E. S.

"Thank you, Thank you!!! It is wonderful!!! It looks very professional and is very well written! Thank you for all your help today and your promptness! I am very grateful to have found your website!

Thanks again!! "

S. D.

"Hi Candace,

I just had an hour interview coaching with you last Friday morning. I just wanted to write and let you know the interview went very well. She also loved my resume that I received from you. I am now taking the next step in the interview processes where I will interview with the individual schools and their principals. I plan on purchasing another one of your interview packages for these up coming interviews because it was so beneficial. Thank you again for all your help and I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again very soon. "

R. B.

"I know it's been a while. I've been really busy. I finished my visual arts course last week and also started getting calls for interviews last week too. Because of the Board/Union negotiations, the principals were only allowed to start making calls last Wednesday., so I got calls for 3 interviews on Wednesday., went for the first one on Thursday afternoon, 2 more on Friday; had 4 booked for XXX but accepted a job offer after the first one on Monday and cancelled the other 3.

So, basically, I got a job with the XXXXX.. It was the school at the top of my list after the interview. Intermediate school, grades 7-8, French, not too far from home. I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole process but, let me tell you, after the first 2 interviews you don't really care as much anymore (still presenting yourself very professionally, of course). I am very happy with my choice so far.

I want to thank you for all your help and support; and will definitely be in touch with you throughout other important steps of my teaching career. Thanks again and have a great summer."

A. M.

"Hi Candace,

I wanted to let you know that after a few months of searching (April-July) I landed a 3rd grade job in the metropolitan area I was looking. One principal at a job fair asked me if I had had my resume professionally done as he was so impressed with it, and said that he had never seen one like it before.

Thank you for your help and expertise. Great documents gave me the confidence to put myself out there, especially during the "waiting" period."

L. T.

"Wow, Candace it looks great. I am completely satisfied. Thanks again for a job well done."

N. C.

"I would hire me! Thank ever so much for all of your hard work and expertise. I was thrilled to receive my resume last week. I believe I can make any necessary changes myself."

R. K.

"Thank you very much. The speech captures everything. I appreciate your extra effort to make this a memorable evening.

I will let you know how the evening goes. Thanks again,"

G. S.

"Thank you Candace. I received the cover letter and resume last night. It looks incredible - you are a genius!"

E. Y.

"Thanks for the great job you did on my resume. It looks like a high-powered exec's resume. Hopefully I'll get lots of interviews with this resume and I'll let you know as soon as I get hired!"

K. B.

"Thank you so much! All my documents look excellent. Have a good one"

L. P.

"Once again I would like to thank you. I applied for a job today that just months ago I would not have.

My cover letter and resume restored my faith in myself, confidence and esteem in sending off applications. The format, which I am now able to present, offers a much better chance securing an interview, ultimately leading to the job I am looking for."

C. D.

"Well, I got an interview and a job with the shorter resume. I sent my new resume this afternoon and got a call tonight. I'm going to meet with the principal tomorrow.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for making me look so good on paper and for helping me regain my confidence."

D. S.

"Thank you for the wonderful document. I love it as it reflects my beliefs with style!"

J. S.

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J. G.

"Thanks for helping me get a job. I am now a Kindergarten Teacher in a nearby school district. Thanks a lot,"

S. S.

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I sent out applications with my new resume on July 3rd, was called for my first interview on the 5th, interviewed the next day and was offered an AWESOME job within 15 minutes of my 1st interview. I have been called for 5 more interviews since!

It would have been very difficult for me to create a resume with the same level of professionalism. Thanks for giving me an edge over my competition!"

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G. A.

"Thank you for your assistance with the interviewing tips. It enabled me to be much more prepared for the questions we went over. I did let nerves get to me somewhat, but I felt more confident than I ever have in the past and felt generally good about how I did."

E. C.

"I just wanted to let you know that I was recently appointed the new Assistant Principal position of XXXXX School I'm still having trouble believing it, and I am so humbled by the opportunity. I didn't think I would get the first administrative position that I applied for. There was only one position within the district available, so I competed against some pretty challenging candidates. I would like to thank you once again, my portfolio made the first impression and during our coaching session you told me I would get the job and your were right!

Peace & Blessings to you and your family."

P. M.

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N. S.

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Thank you so much for your help."

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G. A.

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M. K.

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I have applied for the position and am waiting to hear if I will be shortlisted. Thanks again for the very professional documents you have sent me. Having you complete them has saved me a lot of time and stress worrying if everything was "just right". I am very pleased with everything and will recommend your service to my colleagues."

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All your sample questions were asked at my fourth interview, I used your advice. I answer them as you explained. I answered questions wrong at my other interviews, I was over confident and maybe sarcastic in my first three interviews. I came across like I knew it all and knew more than the Principal. (I don't think they like that.)

As you advised, I also asked questions. I thought it was silly since I knew the answers to the questions I was asking, anyway. The Principal was impressed at my questions !! I had never asked questions before because like I said, I knew it all. How wrong I was. Thank you for your advice and Thank for your Web site."

D. S."

"I cannot possibly thank you enough for all of the work you put into my resume. I truly believe that it will stand out among many resumes and I hope to receive some calls for interviews in the next few weeks. There was one minor change that I made myself (one of the years of employment was off by one year.) After reviewing it several times and having my husband and parents look it over, no one seems to see where any changes are warranted.

I will keep you posted when I start hearing from school districts and let you know how it goes.

Thank you again!!! This was truly an investment into my future and it would not be possible without you."

K. B.

"Candace I am extremely pleased with the final copy of my cover letter, resume, and thank you letter. I will definitely send you many more customers you will hear from me soon thanks again."

L. G.


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Take care,

J. K.

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G. R.

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A. F.

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"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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R. B.

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