Physical Education Cover Letter Sample

This Physical Education Teacher cover letter, also known as a letter of intent or letter of application, does a great job of capturing the reader's attention right away! Even though the formatting initially catches the reader's eye, it is the strong content of the letter that will ultimately entice the reader to phone the applicant.

In the first paragraph, we list Joe's education and years of experience, letting the reader know he is well-established in the field of education. The application letter should nudge the reader, it shows that Joe has taught children of varying learning abilities and understands IEPs.

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In the third and fourth paragraphs, we discuss Joe's teaching style in greater detail. The cover letter is a great time to delve deeper into areas of your teaching that you can't in your resume. Since your cover letter functions as your introduction to a potential school, use this opportunity to introduce yourself, your teaching style, and who you are as an educator.

Joe discusses the different teaching techniques he uses, the different types of games and activities he includes in his lessons, and what the positive results have been for his students. He also emphasizes the development of self-esteem and teamwork which are important aspects of physical education.

Words like sportsmanship and healthy lifestyle are critical competencies needed to perform the teaching position with excellence. At the same time, these strengths are keywords, also known as buzzwords, that help get the cover letter and resume to the "human eye" if the application is scanned by applicant tracking software.

This sample P.E. cover letter also known as an application letter matches and complements the physical education resume we developed for Joe; thus, maintaining consistency, and building upon one another.

At the end of the cover letter, below his name, you will notice that Joe has the word 'enclosure'. This is so he can specify what other documents have been enclosed with his application. This will ensure that all of his application remains together.

Click here, a new window will open this cover letter in PDF format.

Physical Education Cover Letter Sample

Check out the matching physical education teaching resume. We ensured consistency in fonts, format, style, and visual appeal.

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