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17 Easy Teacher Cover Letter Writing Tips to Implement

17 easy teacher cover letter writing tips to implement

Implement the following teacher cover letter writing tips to ensure you complement your resume and increase job interviews. Whether you are a new teacher, experienced or veteran high school teacher, middle school math teacher, or wish to switch your career to teaching, these cover letter writing tips will help.

As you probably know, the way a cover letter, also called a letter of introduction, is written will directly affect the message you wish to communicate. Convey a positive note by using the correct wording.

It is vital to demonstrate what kind of teacher you are, your teaching style, and your past accomplishments. With the following advice, you can make your cover letter look and sound better. If you are still not satisfied with your cover letter or need a critique, let us know. We’d be happy to help.

Teacher Cover Letter Writing Tips to Implement

1. Let your personality, passion, and energy shine through your words.

2. Include vivid details about your relevant teaching background to capture the reader’s interest.

3. Write each cover letter separately, even if you use a robust starting prototype. Personalize each cover letter with a sentence or two designed to reflect the sincere interest in the particular teaching position and school. Research to find out information about the school district to tailor your letters.

4. Check and recheck for accuracy in spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

5. Express your capabilities with confidence, but don’t exaggerate. Two part-time jobs at a summer camp do not constitute “extensive” teaching experience.

6. Use natural language in simple, direct, and clear sentences. Don’t try to impress the reader with unusual vocabulary or complicated sentence structure. Reviewing excerpts can help you formulate paragraphs that would work well for your letter.

7. Show the school that you’ve done your homework and have a genuine understanding of the school’s needs, mission statement, and educational philosophy.

8. Be sincere in your praise, but don’t overdo it!

9. Make sure your teacher’s cover letter is professional in appearance. Use standard business letter format on stationery matching your resume. If your message is structured correctly, you will get better results.

10. Always write to the specific individual responsible for filling the position, rather than a human resources official or to no one in particular. Be sure you spell the person’s name correctly.

More Teacher Cover Letter Writing Tips

11. When appropriate, use networking resources (professional teaching contacts) to introduce yourself in the opening paragraph of your letter.

12. It is vital to mention activities, honors, and special skills. These extra, relevant additions will show your ability or willingness to lead extracurricular activities in the schools.

13. Indicate any involvement in committees, leadership teams, or curriculum planning. These teaching-related activities can demonstrate skills schools are looking for, such as leadership, organization, critical thinking, teamwork, self-management, initiative, and the ability to influence others.

14. Finish your teacher cover letter by writing a strong closing statement indicating the action you desire. Take the initiative to request an interview and state your intention to call in a week or two. If you mention you will call, make sure you do.

15. Keep copies of everything you send, and follow up according to your stated intentions.

16. Make yourself accessible and communicate clearly how the school representative can reach you. Provide a number that will be answered either by a person, by email, or by voice mail. Make sure your voicemail message and email address are professional.

17. Don’t forget to sign and package your teacher’s cover letter nicely.

Of all the teacher cover letter writing tips, I would highly recommend you make your cover letter unique and communicate the value you have to offer. Don’t write a bland, boring teacher cover letter that provides nothing regarding who you are as a teacher and a person.

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