Available Overseas Teaching Jobs

Teaching jobs can be found throughout the entire world. Educating students in a foreign country can be an exciting and life-changing experience for teachers. Whether you are looking to stay closer to home, or travel halfway around the world, there are still teaching positions out there. Not only will you get the chance to interact with individuals of a different culture, you may also have a chance to travel the country, see unique highlights and tourist destinations, and learn in-depth elements of local culture and ancient history. Below on the left you will find links to Teaching Jobs in Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe, Latin America, China, and Korea. On the right you will find several ESL articles to help you on your journey.

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ESL Teaching Jobs

Teaching jobs in Africa - With its jungles, deserts, safaris, and pyramids, this is a beautiful place to explore geographically.  Culturally, teaching in Africa offers lessons in history, archaeology, diversity, and linguistic challenges.  Teaching and volunteering opportunities abound.

Teaching jobs in Central America - Offers exciting adventures for the ambitious teacher with its cultural diversity, plantations, and tropical lowlands.  Mayan cities and Catholic cathedrals offer architectural marvels as well as do other historical splendors.

Teaching jobs in Southeast Asia - Taking the leap, and teaching in Southeast Asia can be an eye-opening and enriching experience for instructors, who wish to discover tropical locations, and interact with exotic cultures that have many unique qualities to offer.

Teaching jobs in China - Being a teacher in China can be an exciting chance to experience the wonders of the Orient and become immersed in a unique blend of history, culture, and tradition.

Teaching jobs in Europe - Teaching in Europe can be a once in a lifetime experience for instructors by exposing them to a wide array of countries, with their own unique culture and traditions.

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Teaching jobs in Japan - Becoming an educator in Japan can be a truly rewarding and enlightening experience. You will be introduced to a culture that you have never experienced before, and will learn about the rich history of the booming island.

Teaching jobs in Korea - Teaching students in Korea can be a wonderful and new experience for educators by introducing them to a different way of life and distinct customs and traditions.

Teaching jobs Latin America - Educating students in Latin America can be an amazing experience for ambitious instructors by exposing them to a different culture and unique way of life.

Teaching in the Middle East - Offers a vast array of archaeological discoveries from temples and ziggurats plus camels and deserts to olive groves. The Middle East is rich in cultural and historical splendors.

Teaching jobs in Oceana - Australia and New Zealand and the other islands have much to offer.  From kangaroos, the outback, and koalas, Australia has many splendors. Geographically, there are mountains, deserts, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Teaching jobs in Thailand with it's tropical islands, scuba diving, and beautiful temples.  There are many opportunities for volunteering in non-teaching jobs as well as teaching jobs.

Teaching jobs in Taiwan They have a tropical climate, mountains and forests and a rich cultural heritage. Rice, pineapple, and shrimp are some of the industries in Taiwan.