English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher Resume Writing Tips to Increase Job Interviews

Teaching English as a Second Language is a division of education that is continually growing. Teachers wishing to acquire a job in education may be more likely to do so if they look for a job in an area such as ESL or ESOL. The competition for ESL jobs is usually not as stiff as the competition for regular classroom teaching jobs.

If you prefer to work in a different teaching role, ESL can be a great pathway to eventually obtaining the teaching position of your dreams!  If you answer a school's call when they are desperately seeking an ESL teacher, they will most likely return the favor at a later date and transfer you to another position in the school that suits you best.

Individuals who wish to teach ESL will find a myriad of teaching opportunities both locally and abroad. In order to seize these opportunities, you will need a quality resume that highlights you ESL related skills. When composing your ESL teaching resume, be sure to include the following things:

Teacher Resume Writing Tips to Increase Job Interviews

Discuss Skills Related to the ESL Position

When creating a succinct resume, you do not have room to mention every skill that is in your repertoire; as such, make sure you only list skills that are directly related to the occupation of ESL teacher. While knowing how to write web-content or being an avid fisherman are interesting skills to bring up at a cocktail party, they do not belong on an ESL teacher's resume. Ensure you include all the related keywords in your resume - this is critical especially if your resume is scanned electronically or online. Many school districts do scan resumes, and if yours doesn't include them it may not get to the human eye.

List Relevant Work Experience

Schools looking to hire ESL teachers will prefer to see that you have some previous experience in the education field. Even if you don't have a teaching degree, you probably have some type of education or training experience. Make sure to highlight any experience that is even remotely related to the job for which you are applying. While you obviously don't want to lie and invent experiences that you never had, there is no harm in pushing unrelated work experience to the background and bringing related work experience to the beginning of the resume. This may include:

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Mention Language Experience

It is pertinent to mention any language skills you may possess, regardless of how limited they may seem. You don't have to be fluent in a language to include it in your ESL teacher resume (see sample). If you can understand some basic conversational phrases, your skills will likely be helpful in your ESL teaching job. When listing the second or third language that you speak, include the level of fluency as well: basic, intermediate, fluent, or native speaker.

Include International Travel

Many hiring committees are impressed by ESL teachers who have experienced international travel. Regardless of whether you are applying for an ESL position in your home country or abroad, having previous international travel experience can give you a leg up. If you are applying for a domestic ESL job, it allows the administrators or interview committee to see that you are worldly and open-minded. What else does international travel say about you as a person?

Depending on the student population in the school district, some areas may have only one ESL teacher. While ESL jobs are usually easier to find than jobs in other educational areas, it is still important to present well-organized, professional job search documents; thus ensuring you are the person the school district chooses for their ESL program. Teaching ESL can be a big responsibility, so it is essential you portray yourself as someone who can handle the position.

What About Teaching Abroad?

If you are really looking for adventure, apply for an ESL teaching position abroad. There are many schools around the world that are looking for people to teach English to their students. These students are of all age levels and abilities, ranging from early childhood to adult. You may want to look for an ESL position in either a formal academic setting, or as a corporate trainer, depending on whether you want to work with children or adults. Either learning environment can provide you with a very rewarding experience. Not only will you be able obtain your desired position at a teacher, but you will also become immersed in the culture, learn a new language, discover the wonders of another country, and make lasting friendships with students and teachers alike.

Before you hop on the next plane and fly to Japan or China, take the time to research your countries of interest, and understand the requirements for entering the country and teaching within it. You should also look into local customs, laws, etiquette, and health and vaccination requirements. If you are a female instructor, take special care to understand how you will be treated in another country, what the local attire is for women, and so forth.

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