Teaching ESL Locally and Abroad

Teaching ESL Locally and Abroad

There is an ever-increasing need for qualified individuals to teach English as a second language, or ESL as it is commonly called.  ESL teachers can find positions locally as well as abroad. If you think you have what it takes to help young people learn and develop by teaching ESL, you ought to consider entering into this field.  

Teaching ESL in English Speaking Countries

Many schools in English speaking countries employ ESL teachers to help educate students who either speak very little English, or do not speak any English at all. It is quite common for schools to accept students who have either emigrated from a non-English speaking country, or who live in a household where English is not spoken.

If you teach ESL, EFL, TEFL, TESL, or TESOL in a school in your home country, you will most likely find that you have a small number of students. Teaching ESL domestically can be quite difficult because you will be dealing with students who have a variety of primary languages. Quite commonly, you will not know how to speak the student's native language, and you will be forced to develop alternate means of communication with them while you try to instruct them in the English language.

In most areas, there is no official ESL teaching certification, but many schools are willing to employ someone as an ESL teacher if the individual holds a Bachelor's degree. If you hold a teaching degree but have been unable to find a job in your subject area, you may increase your chances of obtaining a job by temporarily teaching ESL. Even if ESL instruction is not your ultimate goal, it can be a good gateway into the sector in which you wish to work.

Teaching ESL in Countries with another Official Language

ESL teachers are frequently in high demand in countries where English is not the official language. Because English is the most common language for business transactions worldwide, many schools require their students to learn English.

If you want to teach English in a school outside of your home country, it is quite helpful to know at least a bit of the language that is spoken in that country.  Some schools require you to speak the country's official language, while others just strongly prefer it.

If you teach ESL in a foreign country, you are likely to have classes that vary in size. In some areas, ESL teachers will find themselves instructing up to 40 students at a time. This tends to occur mostly in areas that have a high population density and overcrowded schools. If class size is a concern for you, make sure that you request information regarding average class size from any school in which you would like to work before committing.

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Often, ESL teachers who work in a foreign country will be provided housing by the school they are working for. This can be a great opportunity for those interested in seeing the world, but just be certain that you can stand being away from home if you commit to an ESL position abroad, as some schools require a commitment of up to two years.

ESL teaching is an ever-expanding field, and as an ESL teacher, you will have the pleasure of seeing your students grow and develop daily. There is a diverse selection of ESL teaching opportunities, so if ESL teaching is something that interests you, explore your opportunities carefully before you commit to one choice.  ESL teaching can be your chance to make a difference.  Are you ready to take the opportunity?

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