Quality Teacher Resumes for Teaching Abroad

Anyone who has ever applied for any type of job knows the importance of having a quality teacher resume and cover letter. A resume is the first impression that an employer gets of you. Usually, the employer will decide whether to interview a candidate or not, based solely on a resume and cover letter.

Resumes can be particularly important for individuals applying to teach internationally. If you are applying for a job outside of your home country, your resume may even be the only thing that your employer sees before you meet to sign a contract; so be sure to have a strong resume that starts you off on the right foot. If you are applying to be an international teacher, be sure to include the following things in your resume:

Quality Teacher Resumes for Teaching Abroad

Explain Your Choice in Your Objective

When you apply to teach internationally, employers often wonder why you would want to take a job so far from home. Be sure to compose a clear and concise objective that explains your reason for wanting to teach abroad.

Also, be sure that the objective mentions your desire to help students succeed. Schools do not want to see objectives that state that you want to travel the world or that you want to get out of the boring town in which you were born. While both of these things might be driving you to seek the job, they will surely not drive the employer to hire you.

List Language Experience

In the skills section, list any languages that you speak, even if it is just conversationally. If the language that you speak is not the native language of the country in which you are applying to work, the fact that you can learn a language could help an employer determine that you would be a good choice. If you have never learned any other language, your employer may wonder why you haven't, especially if you desire to travel, they may be less inclined to hire you.

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Mention Previous Travels

You do not need to mention every vacation you have ever taken, but when you apply to teach internationally, any travelling abroad is important to reference. It is particularly important to mention if you studied abroad during while in school. Schools may be drawn to someone who is a more seasoned traveler because they often see the previous travel is an indication that the prospective employee will not easily become homesick, and that they have the ability to commit to the job.

Consider Translating

If you are applying to work in a country in which English is not the primary language, you should consider having all, or part of your resume translated. Employers in Germany would be very impressed by a resume they received from an American that was written in German. While it is not mandatory for success, having your resume translated shows that you are truly committed to the position for which you are applying, and that you are willing to go that extra mile. Keep in mind that a poorly translated resume is worse than a resume that is not translated. If you are going to have it translated, make sure you get quality translation services.

Teaching abroad presents a unique opportunity to see the world. It is just not feasible for most individuals to quit their day job and jet around the globe, but if you teach abroad, you can see the world without putting your career on hold.

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