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Realizing that the economy and individuals finances are less than perfect we are offering a new service. Many of our newsletter subscribers and visitors have requested this type of service for a variety of reasons. It could be a limited budget or simply that they prefer to write it themselves.

To meet the demand of our loyal supporters, we decided to go ahead and offer a solution based unique service. Why? It's simple, we want you to be successful, even if you if you haven't invested in one of our full packages.  We know you will be pleased with this service and therefore refer others to our site — we like to think of it as smart marketing.

Given the amount of time we will put into your resume and cover letter critique we must ask you for a small investment. It is easy to say that your resume will not position you in the best possible light, but it is another thing to provide you affordable, detailed and helpful information to allow you to write it yourself.

The resume and cover letter critique service will include the following:

After reviewing and implementing our recommendations the chances of securing a job interview will greatly increase.

The process is easy… click on the link below to order the service. You will then get a receipt via email. After that, just email your resume and cover letter as MS Word documents to and let us provide our feedback.

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Please take the time review our straight-forward Terms of Service Agreement.

If you can't pay via the secure server online, we have alternative payment options available. If you have questions there is a detailed FAQ page here and numerous client testimonials.

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If you need more information or prefer to talk to us before ordering then Contact Candace Alstad-Davies Toll Free at 877-738-8052 or