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A biography is an historical account of one's life, written and composed by another person. On the other hand, an autobiography is written by the individual. Both are increasing in usefulness as an effective marketing tool, either in faculty portfolios, pamphlets, websites, or for a personal job search. This one-page document, written from a third person perspective, contains powerful, relevant information about work experiences, educational background, internships, areas of expertise, community involvement, and accomplishments.

Many job hunters use their autobiographies as tools to generate interest and gain an interview; it will give the reader an overview of your capabilities, achievements, and experiences. Many job seekers post their bio on the Internet, because some organizations or school districts, universities or colleges "Google" job applicants' names to find further information about the candidate. It can be sent to recruitment firms, networking contacts, and/or organization decision makers. Business owners or key players in the organization use a biography; this helps the organization gain new work projects or contacts.

Keep in mind that a biography is not meant to replace your resume, but rather to be used to get a foot in the door or for purposes other than a job search. For example, a college might use a biography to include in its website to show its key personnel's credentials. It projects a professional image and gains the public's confidence in the educational facility, thus increasing enrollment.

At A+ Resumes for Teachers, clients such as college professors, adjunct instructors, lecturers, researchers, art teachers, drama teachers, elementary teachers, high school teachers, deans, school counselors, administrators, technology specialists, and many more have had us help them write their biographies.

We ensure that biographies are accurate and that they concisely emphasize your skills, work experience, and accomplishments.

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Just wanted to let you know that I was selected as Superintendent of Schools - XXXXX, last Tuesday. Thank you for your help in providing a quality product and much information. You have a terrific way with words.

I am grateful for all your work! Thanks"

D. D

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