A Philosophy of Education Should be Included in Your Teaching Portfolio

Many educators don't include their philosophy of education as a marketing tool in their teaching portfolio, often causing missed job opportunities. A Philosophy of Education Statement is a thoughtful paper, usually one to two pages long, which captures your core educational principles. This insightful document should demonstrate your commitment to education, goals for the classroom, and your understanding of grammar, spelling, and the written word. It is imperative that you take this document seriously. Your personal philosophy of education is just one part of the teaching portfolio.

We help educators perfect their philosophy of education, as well as many other aspects of their teaching portfolio. If you want to take advantage of our expertise, order the required service by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button below or  from our pricing page. We will immediately email you a series of questions to answer - you email back your responses. Then sit back, relax, and let us develop a powerful, truthful, and unique paper to highlight your beliefs.


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Success Stories

"Thank you for the resume - quite impressive! Hope I can live up to it! I'm starting to think that having such a great, powerful resume to get me off on the right foot with interviewers will really help me tap into a deeper sense of confidence after all these years being out of the loop.

The use of quotes in the resume is wonderful - they sound great, can be substantiated through the letters, and I don't have to ‘toot my own horn'! 

I have no doubt the resume will open doors that might not otherwise have opened for me before, particularly after all these years out of the more traditional workplace. I can't see how anyone wouldn't at least call me in for an interview!

To my ‘Career Confessor'- thanks for taking in all my myriad information from a rather ‘checquered' career and making it shine.

 Thanks so much! "

 E. Wiley, San Antonio, TX


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