How to Secure a Graduate Teaching Assistant Job to Kickstart Your Education Career

Are you looking for a graduate teaching assistant job? Fantastic! This post will provide in-depth tips and strategies to accomplish your job search goals quicker and easier.

Whether you have just finished graduate college and received your teaching degree, or you are currently a professional transitioning into the educational field, the first steps towards obtaining a graduate teaching assistant position are full of promise and zeal.

Once the job search starts, the process of finding employment in the teaching field can be an overwhelming task, if you are unprepared. An unprepared candidate is also more likely to make a wrong job fit for a graduate teaching assistant position.

The most important step to succeeding in a graduate teacher assistant search is knowing where to look. There are ways you can make this process a lot less painful by following a few simple guidelines, and before you know it you will be on your way to a new teaching career!

How to Secure a Graduate Teaching Assistant Job to Kickstart Your Education Career

Prepare a Compelling Graduate Teaching Assistant Resume

This step may seem obvious. In my experience as a teacher career coach, this is the place where most graduate teaching assistant candidates get stuck. New teachers often feel frustrated with the challenge of completing a one-page resume. A few simple steps can help you make the connections between your life experience and the skills required for a teacher's aide job.  

Focus on transferable skills to teaching – tutoring, caring, guiding, mentoring, instructing. You may have acquired these skills through tutoring, day camp, Sunday school, volunteer work and other activities.

Back up all claims with examples to show your value, particularly soft skills. Note how this teacher's aide resume provides evidence of each accomplishment:

Carefully read teaching assistant job descriptions and ensure your resume and cover letter reflect the teaching assistant requirements.

Make Good Use of School Job Search Resources

If you are a new graduate, visit your local school system's human resources department or recruiting office and inquire about any possible open positions. If there are currently no available jobs, ask if you can leave your resume in case something opens up. Most schools interview potential candidates several months before the hiring for the upcoming school year begins.

Develop a Relationship with School Administrators

Beginning as a substitute teacher is a fabulous start to a teaching career and may very easily lead to a full-time teacher position. While working as a substitute, it is important to network with your co-workers and administrators and mingle with the students.

Create an outstanding bond with the students, teachers, administrator to increase your chances of getting hired as a full-time teacher. Develop a collaborative relationship with the school administrators. Each day, demonstrate that you are passionate and enthusiastic about having a classroom of your own.

Network in the School Districts of Your Choice

You can start your teaching assistant career search long before you graduate. Networking is crucial. Let everyone in your social circle, your family, friends, and colleagues. Know that you are looking for a full-time teaching position.

Job leads and even recommendations can result from a casual conversation. Usually, it is easier to get an interview when you have a recommendation, especially if you are new to a field. Review how to use testimonials in your teaching assistance resume.

Take Alternative Teaching Positions

Teaching in a traditional school environment is only one of many options for gaining teacher graduate assistant experience. Often overlooked alternative teaching positions include tutoring, coaching, training, mentoring, or teaching degree programs.

If you are new to instruction with little or no experience, a skillful way to get acquainted with the education field is through 'training' positions. Gaining student teacher internship experience can increase your profile as a graduate teacher assistant resume.

Conduct an Online Graduate Teacher Assistant Job Search

The most efficient way to find graduate teacher assistant positions is through an internet search. Key in 'assistant' together with 'teacher,' 'teaching' or 'educator' on any job website search engine, and you will find an extensive list of teaching positions. Narrow your search online by searching specific areas of teaching, for instance 'math teacher' or 'special education teacher.' You can control how well you match with graduate teaching assistant jobs by learning how to create a searchable resume to submit online and get interviews.

Network and Connect Through Social Media Channels

If you do not use the professional networking channel LinkedIn, consider creating a searchable LinkedIn profile. Not only are teacher job positions circulated on LinkedIn job boards, but vibrant teaching communities are also thriving on LinkedIn through the professional social media sites official industry groups.

The more you grow your LinkedIn network, the greater increase you will see in job leads and even recommendation opportunities. To get started, review these social media networking tips to propel your job search forward.

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Ask, what do I want from a mentor teacher?

While conducting research to land a graduate teaching assistant job, keep in mind what you want from a teaching position and mentor. Keep in mind; it depends on the demand for teacher's aides and the job market.

If possible, research the expertise of the instructing teacher regarding the following areas:

If you have made some useful connections and gathered impressive recommendations through the above networks, consider opening your teacher's aide cover letter with a recommendation from a person who is respected in the teaching field you are entering.

As our teacher's assistant resume sample demonstrates, an endorsement quote within the resume can also pack an influential punch. Make sure you start with a visually appealing, keyword rich, accomplishment-based resume and cover letter that showcase what you can bring to the school district.

If you are stuck on that first step, reviewing teacher resume and cover letter examples will provide you with lots of refreshing ideas and encouragement. Make full use of education job resources for educators.

Once a graduate teacher assistant job has been offered to you, focus on interview skills. In my experience working with teachers seeking jobs, successful interview candidates have taken the time to research the school district to land a job offer.

Once you get in the interview door, communicate how you can contribute to helping the school district and your assigned teacher meet their learning objectives. These are the objectives they are ultimately graded on and will determine the success of all involved in the learning process.

Knowing the job interview questions and their answers for teachers can be helpful. We have created two eBooks, the first is A+ Teachers' Interview Edge and the second is A+ Principals' Interview Edge.

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