Education Job Applications – Search and Submit Online

Submitting your education job application online is a standard requirement in today's academic job search. Submit your teacher application using the correct keywords in your resume and application letter to gain a competitive edge. Plus, it is vital your responses to educational leadership or teaching job application questions are genuine, unique and carefully worded.

All aspects of the education job search have become easier and faster on the Internet. At the same time, the new process of online job application for teachers can be frustrating.

You can easily scan available jobs by position and experience by state or district, and quickly apply. Most job sites set automatic notifications that alert you when an education job matching your criteria is listed to available jobs.

Many other tools for job searching go unused by teachers seeking a job. These job hunting tools could provide you the edge you need to land the job position you are seeking.

Woman Searching and Submitting Education Job Applications Online

Search and Apply for a Teacher Post Online with These Tips


Teacher Job Boards

Many job searches start by browsing the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, and major job boards such as and While these sites are worth a gander, the majority of teaching jobs can be found on dedicated teacher job boards.

These boards are often local. Connie, a primary school teacher in California, found her new job on The job was also posted with the state education superintendents' association job board EdJoin. Your first online stop should be the state or local department of education. Also search for local district teacher job boards.

Directories such as the California School Directory provide contact information for the school districts. Many of these teaching jobs will never make it onto the large general job boards, so be sure to target these regional education job boards. Download the mobile apps if available to receive alerts for jobs, recruitment events and related matters.

National Teaching Job Boards

Teaching jobs will be listed on national job boards to find the right candidate, especially if special qualifications are required. specializes in jobs for US licensed teachers, and also posts jobs abroad.

If using a large job board, you can refine your search by including the city or state of your preference. For example, instead of searching for "teaching jobs" you can search for "teaching jobs in New Jersey." You can narrow down a refined search by including the position that you are interested in. For example, instead of searching for "teaching jobs in New Jersey" you can search for "Elementary teacher jobs in New Jersey".

Many of the large job boards offer dedicated teaching boards, such as or People Admin's School Spring. Most job portals allow you to set up automatic notifications that alert you of a particular position as soon as it becomes available. Make sure you use that feature, as it will save you a significant amount of search time.

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Targeted Job Boards

Some education job boards target a specific niche – special education, early education, and so on. If you are targeting a charter school program, most hiring will be done off of the program's website such as BASIS Charter Schools or Over 3,000 school districts advertise jobs on K12JobSpot. Education associations advertise education jobs for diverse niches ranging from private schools to Christian education.

Teacher Recruitment Agencies

Online recruitment agencies are often a hybrid of the old-fashioned job recruiting agency and online job boards. The process of registering is the same. Register on sites such as and upload your resume.

While some act as only job boards, others will offer various levels of direct recruiter assistance. Read the fine print to find out if any recruitment fees are involved. Standard models include free, monthly/yearly subscriptions and commission-based recruitment services.

Social Media

LinkedIn and Twitter have become active job networking and recruitment hubs. If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile, be sure to develop one. Many job seekers use their LinkedIn profile as their main portfolio. By default, you will post your resume here. Your photo, short teaching video clips and related media can be added.

Be creative – post articles you have written, innovative teaching lessons, conference presentations, and so on. Join the LinkedIn teacher groups. These are some of the most active online community boards.

Another advantage of a LinkedIn profile is it gives you a social media presence, which more and more employers are asking to see. This way, you can avoid them seeing you and your friends in embarrassing holiday snapshots on your Facebook page. 

Twitter has also become an invaluable source of industry information, tips and jobs feeds for many professionals.

Classified Sites

Even though job portals are the most popular way to search for teaching jobs, many classified sites post job listings for teachers (Do not confuse "classified sites" for teachers with sites for classified positions, which are jobs for teacher aides, etc.). You can quickly find such websites by searching "teaching classifieds" within the search engines. Some classified sites allow you to set alerts so you find out about a teaching job as soon as it becomes available.

Message Boards

Teacher community boards provide valuable support networks and job search leads. Even though these boards are not the best place to search for jobs, they are a great place to network with other job seekers, discuss interview questions, and other aspects of a job search.

School Websites

Most schools post jobs on their websites, and this includes any limited positions that are open. Please note that they may not post the same openings on job portals. If you have a particular school at which you would like to work, make sure you bookmark its website and visit it often.

Once you have found a job opening that interests you, the next step is to apply for that job.

Here are 10 more online education recruiters to help you generate teacher job leads.

How do you apply for a teaching job online?

Here is where you have a huge edge. The job portals allow you to upload or create your resume online so that you can directly apply for jobs from their site. When a job portal is used, you don't have to send your resumes to schools using standard mail. Potential employees will scan the job board. If you come across a job lead on a classified site or a message board, you need to e-mail your resume directly to the schools.

Alternatively, you can provide a shared link to OneDrive, DropBox or another online storage site you use. This provides the opportunity to link to a file folder in which you may want to include your standard resume and cover letter, as well as a photo, certifications, reference letters, a short video of you teaching, and so on.

If you are targeting different teaching positions, prepare several portfolios. Make sure you send the resume using the format (text or attachment) requested by the school authorities. Such information is available on the classified site itself or on the school's website. Follow these tips on how to develop your online teacher resume.

More Online Teaching Tools

Teacher job sites offer a rich set of tools to aid your job search. provides information on the districts you are considering joining, as well as tools to help you create your job portfolio and conduct an efficient job search. remains one of the best places to get information on your prospective employer. Employees rate employers and sometimes share insider information. The site also hosts a job board for teachers.

Take the time to prepare a professional online resume and cover letter. School districts are actively searching these boards for the right candidate. If you post a resume with typos on one site, the recruiter may remember you when they see your updated resume on another site. Scrupulously keep track of everywhere you are posting your resume and keep all online job material current.

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