Networking Your Way to Secure a Teaching Job

Many people are unaware of what networking is and how important it can be when trying to secure a teaching job. Networking simply refers to finding job-related contacts. Most teachers who are just beginning their careers may feel that they have few, if any, networking contacts in the teaching field. It is important to consider the many different areas of networking as you create your own group of networking contacts to help you secure a teaching job. It is interesting to note that many of the teaching positions that are filled each year are filled by those who came to the attention of personnel managers by recommendation.

Always think about adding to your teaching network. When meeting new people, be certain to add them to your network. Talk to them about your skills, education, experience, and learn about their jobs. Make sure that you always ask for a business card.

Consider including professors or counselors in your network. New teachers may not think they have many network connections, but they often fail to remember contacts from their years in college. Talk to professors, teacher's aides, and others that you can add to your list of networking professionals.

Connect with others on a regular basis. Join teacher-related groups where you can meet others in the teaching field. Stay in touch with other teachers with whom you have worked or gone to school.

Networking Your Way to Secure a Teaching Job

Go online and use the internet to your advantage. There are many online organizations that have forums designed specifically for teachers to meet. Not only will you share important information, you will also build your teacher network. For this reason, you will find a section on our wesite dedicated to social media channels and the benefits to your job search, writing social media profiles, how to use them effectively and many more relevant topics. Visit our social media networking section for more information

Get the word out. Give your resume or business cards to friends and relatives. You never know when one of them will meet someone who knows of a teaching position. The more people you connect with, the greater your chances are of securing a teaching job.

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Keep your resume updated and ready. In fact, you should always carry a current resume with you. You never know whom you will meet and who may have a job opening. At the very least, have some business cards printed up with your name and contact information. That way you can easily encourage others to communicate with you. Make sure you have the perfect resume and cover letter prior to embarking on your job search. You can review our resume and cover letter samples here.

Keep other teachers in mind. Although you may not actually know them, other teachers may be able to help when you need a teaching job.

Never discount anyone you meet. You may meet many people whom you think are not connected to the teaching profession at all. Yet, you may not know that they have a brother or cousin or friend who is a teacher or principal looking to hire. Always find a way to work teaching into your conversation so that you can plant the seeds of networking.

Networking is a lifetime occupation. Think of it as gardening. You plant the seeds that may grow later. The more you take care of them, the more likely they are to grow and be fruitful. You never know when one of your network teaching connections will pay off. Continue to grow your own teaching network so you can carry it with you throughout your teaching career.