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Education Job Interview Tip – Research the School District to Land a Job Offer

education job interview tip research the school district to land a job offer

Prepare for your next education job interview by researching the school district, which is vital to ensure a successful meeting.

Researching the school district isn’t something you shouldn’t just do if you have time. It’s essential to be successful in securing a job offer. It’s best not to walk into the interview without knowing anything about the prospective school. For one, how will you know if you want to teach in a particular district if you are not knowledgeable about it?

The most informative information will come from teachers and staff who work at the school. Investigate the school by browsing their website or by making a brief phone call. When you call the school, you should ask them pertinent questions regarding the hiring procedures.

School secretaries are great resources for finding out about hiring practices. When speaking to the administrative staff, remember that the school’s first impression of you often comes from the school office. Be courteous and professional when you call.

Below are suggestions regarding the information you should identify when researching the school you will be interviewing. Researching the school or school district is an excellent strategy for attending a teaching career fair.

Find relevant details by calling the school district to obtain literature. Most school districts have a website where you can get lots of pertinent information.

Do a Google search to find articles related to the school or district. If you enter the interview with some information about the district that the interviewer does not know, you could enhance your chance of landing a new teaching gig.

Before going into the education job interview, you should be able to answer the following questions:

1. What are the demographics of the school population?
2. What is the district’s mission?
3. How many employees does the district have?
4. How do the district’s test scores compare to the state average?
5. Does the district have a new teacher induction program?

For peace of mind and to perform excellently in the interview, find out as much as possible about the school.

Check out the school’s exam or test history. Find out where the school scores are among the district and state schools. What is the ethos of the school?

Look into recent developments as if there have been any curriculum initiatives the school has developed recently. Review further tailored information about discovering if you are interviewing with an international school to teach abroad.

Find out information about the school you are interviewing with to determine if the fit is right for you. The school is trying to decide whether you would be a good fit for their school community, but you should also be trying to figure out if they would be a good fit for you.

Of course, be prepared to answer the question: Why are you leaving your current teaching position?

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