Teacher Career Goals - Reflect, Plan, Prepare and Take Action

Is it time to reflect on our past accomplishments and determine future career goals? For some January 1st brings the realization that their teaching career has lost direction, and it is time to make a change, whether it is big or small. Making a resolution that affects your teaching career is nothing more than setting a goal; however, the secret is to ensure that your teacher career goals are achievable and within reach.

The following is a list of steps that could help you take the leap forward you desire in your teaching career.

Engage in Professional Development to Enhance Your Teaching Skills

Now is a great time to embark on career development. Fresh new course offerings are seeking students in the offline and online learning worlds. Attend online seminars or workshops, read a few relevant industry books or take night classes.

Keeping your professional education skills current and relevant is key to remaining competitive. Attend teaching conferences and workshops, and do not forget to ask if education credits are available. Industry events are also a good place to network, get career ideas and hand your resume to educators you would like to work for, should the right opportunity arise.

If your desire to change careers is confidential, you will have to be extremely discreet about your new career goals.

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If you are switching careers, study up on the skills you need for a career switch into education. Start with upgrading your skills and exploring different job opportunities in the education sector.

Reflect On Your Teaching Goals and Objectives

Reflect on the past year's accomplishments and rewards. Make a list of all your achievements, and document why you were successful. Remain proactive and set aside some time to meet with your principal or district supervisor in order to examine your new goals for this year. Explore how a teacher career coach can help.  A career coach can help you identify your career aptitudes and opportunities, finds passion in your work or find work you are passionate about, identify and work on your strengths and weaknesses, and manage your career transition.

Update Your Education Resume

Most people do not give a second thought to their resume once they have secured a full time teaching job. In today's ever-changing world, job security is a thing of the past, and you need to be prepared for any unplanned career change. It is a good idea to ensure that your resume is always updated... just in case. Update and modernize your teaching resume and start the new year with a fresh start.

Be noticed, be impressive, be the one they call! By being proactive, if you do need to hastily send out your resume, your career calling card will be on par or better than those of other candidates.

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Create a Teaching Portfolio

Spend some time thinking and organizing a Teaching Portfolio. You will want to ensure documented evidence of teaching that is connected to the specifics, and go beyond exclusive reliance on student ratings. You can include samples of student work, self-reflections, reports on classroom research, and faculty development participation.  

There are a ton of benefits of creating a teaching portfolio, the biggest is to advance your career because it provides motivation and evidence of your proudest moments.  

Reflect on Effective Teaching and Good Standards in Teaching Practices

Include such items as course planning and preparation, actual teaching presentations, written comments from student evaluations, or tapes of actual class sessions, feedback, and your Philosophy of Education.

Review education philosophy statement writing tips for teachers. In the spirit of renewal, this is a good time to review if your educational philosophy and values are still aligned with those of your school and district.

Employ a New Teaching Program or Technique

A new reading or math program could produce new levels of student performance in the coming year. Find out which programs are the most successful in what environments. Focus on how you can differentiate your teaching. If you do change jobs, being able to distinguish your teaching techniques from those of other teacher job candidates is a key marketing advantage.

Network Your Way to a New Teaching Career

In the online world with social media groups representing different teaching styles, grades and philosophy, you can fine tune your networking experience. Networking can introduce you to new ideas, and teaching programs and techniques, and creative ways of delivering them. The people you associate with can offer a steady stream of inspiration and new ideas.

A LinkedIn profile has enhanced many education careers. As the most popular business social media site, it has become a major hub of business networking. Be sure to join its education groups. While it is a source of industry news and trends, most members use these groups for teacher career advancement. Follow this link to the best LinkedIn groups in education.

Remember that it is never too late to re-examine your career goals. All it takes is a little drive and ambition to realize your dreams. Don't let this year pass you by...

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