How Can Career Coaching Help with Your Education Career?

Career coaching provides much more than interview preparedness and CV or resume writing tips. An excellent career coach will provide you with a complete career development package – professional development, teacher job market intelligence, resume/cover letter preparation, and social media marketing and networking strategies.

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"Your interview answer was not intelligent and it is unlikely we will ever hire you." Relax. Either you are having a bad dream or the online interview software has a glitch. Today, more and more 'mock' first interviews are being conducted in virtual environments, often from the comfort of one's home computer. These virtual interviews can even simulate challenging and stressful work scenarios and test how you would perform under pressure. Mock interviews are the best preparation for your live teacher job interview.

When it comes to teacher interviews, however, robots are far from replacing live coaches. A live coach leading the interview has the advantage of providing dynamic questions tailored to your specific responses and situation. Whether answering online interviewing questions or sitting in a live interview, career coaching can help teachers make a strong first impression. Moreover, not all online interviews are 'mocks'; some are real pre-screening processes, which unfortunately teachers fail to prepare for as they would a real interview.

Career Coaching Help with Your Education Career

5 Benefits of a Career Coach for Teachers

Here are five areas a qualified career coach with expertise in the teaching market can help you with. 

  1. Move Your Teaching Career Forward

An experienced career coach will encourage self-discovery and provide the positive boost to move your career forward, while following your passions. They work towards what you want to achieve, not someone else's agenda. The coach will be able to assess your situation and suggest career solutions and strategies that will match your purpose, values, motivators, knowledge, skills, and environment. Learn how to set and accomplish your career goals.

  1. Provide Current Teacher Job Market Information

Your coach will provide current and knowledgeable information about many types of positions and districts that will enable you to upgrade your career faster than you could by yourself. A career coach will also be able to motivate you and provide support as you create and conduct your job search campaign. This training will include all aspects of presenting yourself effectively – from your resume and cover letters to interviewing, job strategies, salary negotiations and job offer evaluation.

  1. Help You Master Teacher Interviews

Even if you are a teacher with no experience, you can learn how to impress with the many positive traits and passions that have drawn you to the teaching profession. Through mock interviews, you will learn how to confidently respond to standard and those surprise unexpected questions. Learn what not to do in teacher interviews.

  1. Develop a Teacher CV That Gets Interviews

The source of many job search challenges is related to weak resume development. Career coaches can provide academic resume writing tips to fast-track your job application. They can help develop resumes for teachers with no experience. The cover letter and thank you letter are of equal importance in your presentation of your candidacy for a teaching position.

  1. Identify Problem Spots in Your Career Development

Many teachers find the same patterns repeat themselves in their job search. Carrie always gets the first interview, but is never asked back for the second. Jeremy, with no teaching experience, finds it hard to even get noticed. Marie says she only hears about the new K12 openings in her district after they are filled. From initial job search strategy to sending an interview thank you letter, a qualified coach will assess all aspects of your career development plan. 

Choosing a Career Coach

The coach should be a person with whom you easily develop a rapport and you can place confidence in. They are a good listener, open and intuitive. Choose someone who you find easy to talk with and provides you with objective and sound career advice. A career coach will be able to help identify a strategic strategy to take your career where you want it to be, quicker than you could alone.

Candace is not only a Dually Certified Resume Writer, but a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP), Certified Interview Coach (CIC), Certified Electronic Career Coach (CECC), and an Associate Certified Career Coach (ACC). She has earned the credentials to help you every step of the way.

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