Career Change Options for Teachers - Alternative Careers and Tips to Transition

Just knowing there are an abundance of career change options or choices if you wish to transition out of teaching or education should bring you relief.

Do you awake in the morning, trudge to the coffee machine and cringe at the thought of heading off to your teaching job?

You probably stop at some point and daydream about what it would be like to try another career outside the classroom.

Embarking on a major career change is a multifarious task. It is essential that you effectively reinvent and remarket yourself, which can sometimes be an overwhelming mission to say the least. When your current career gets tough, you need to build resilience during job uncertainties. Fortunately, there are many career change options for teachers.

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Let's Examine Career Change Options for Teachers

Teaching skills are highly valued in a wide variety of jobs. Start by making a list of what skills and competencies you have to offer the job market.

Assess Your Current Teaching and Leadership Skills and Abilities

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Alternatively, you may choose to return to school full or part time to acquire new skills. Online courses allow you to continue working while focusing on your professional development. If making a lateral move, also read up on the teaching skills needed for a career switch into education.

After conducting your skills assessment, match your skills to suitable careers. While many teachers transition to new jobs in the education sector, many opportunities are also available in new fields if you want an entirely new career adventure.

List of Career Options for Educators

While considering a career transition is a good time to have personality and career assessment tests performed to help you set off in the right career direction. Follow job market trends to assess the demand for your desired occupation. Review the 10 hot education career trends.

Review resumes to find out the skills you will need in your new occupation, such as a Media/Librarian Resume Sample or Assistant Principal Resume. See also guidance counselor, instructional assistant, and learning coach resumes.

4 Essential Education Career Transition Steps

To assist you in your quest for career fulfillment, consider the following steps when embarking on a career change:

Self-Reflection: It is important that you take the time to identify your dislikes and likes; only then will you realize what direction your career change should take. Examine what you like doing at work, at home and in your spare time. Look deep into yourself and uncover your passions. Now is the time to discover yourself and perform an in-depth self-assessment.

Research Different Career Alternatives: Take the time to thoroughly research different types of careers that are sharply focused on your personal passions. The amount of the investigation that you perform depends on the career change you are making. Producing a dramatic change such as moving from an administrative assistant to a health care professional job may require more research.

 Transferable Skills Assessment: Examine your transferable skills and how you can utilize current talents and expertise in your new career. You may discover that you already possess a solid skill base and the ideal experience to successfully realize your desired career.

Online and In-person Networking: One of the most useful career changing tactics is to unite with your connects and effectively network. Individuals you mingle with may provide job leads, offer concrete advice, and give you essential information about the job position and industry you are targeting.

Whether you are entering or leaving education, read how to change careers to teaching or transition out.

Discover how a career coach can help you make a transition into a new occupation.

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