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How to Write a Searchable LinkedIn Profile to Let Your Career Soar

create your LinkedIn profile let your education career soar

Do you need to write a professional LinkedIn profile? Writing a profile on LinkedIn that is searchable and stands out will make a difference in your career.

Trying to determine if using LinkedIn would benefit you? Give your honest answers to these questions:

  • Are you interested in reputation management and professional branding?
  • Do you wish to attract human resource professionals, school districts, principals, superintendents, and recruiters?
  • Would you like to develop a robust, effective network of professionals you can learn from and obtain career leads or opportunities?
  • Are you currently searching for new employment opportunities?

How many “yes” answers did you have? The more times you said yes, the more important it is for you to know how to use LinkedIn to your advantage.

Social media networking can propel your education job search and career forward. Don’t underestimate the power of job search networking via social media channels.

If you have a LinkedIn, is it working adequately? These LinkedIn profile writing tips should help use LinkedIn for job networking – and important job searching aspect.

Once you familiarize yourself with LinkedIn and its interface, you are sure to find many valuable contacts, including a long list of possible employers, different schools, professional associations, and other individuals or groups in the education sector. These connections can significantly help you enhance your career or provide valuable guidance to find a new education job.

Apart from these, LinkedIn is a valuable source of obtaining employment references, or you can use it as a point for checking various references.

Are you leveraging LinkedIn for your job search effectively?

The good thing about using LinkedIn is that you can browse its dedicated section for job searching either by keyword or location. Use the site’s advanced search option to make your search more precise and follow a particular criterion. But to make your online visibility a lot better, there are factors and aspects of using this website you need to consider to make sure you are leveraging the site effectively.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Tips to Find Career Leads and Enhance Personal Learning

1. Write a Focused Professional Profile With Keywords

The profile is one of the most important aspects of your LinkedIn presence. It is your most powerful branding tool, and so it shouldn’t be neglected. Learn how to optimize your presence on LinkedIn with the right searchable words and keyword phrases.

When you create your profile, make sure that it has all the specific details that will include your previous and present employment, educational attainment, the education associations you have been a part of, your class websites, and other relevant links that can help establish your professional brand.

An active LinkedIn profile summary entices readers to want to know more about you and ultimately connect with you one-on-one. Creating a profile you present online needs to match the real-world you. Keep in mind your audience when writing your LinkedIn profile. Make sure recruiters and others can find you.

An important way to be found is to use industry-specific keywords in your profile. Don’t underestimate the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Know what kinds of things potential employers or professional contacts will be searching to find a candidate like you, and be sure to include those words or phrases in your profile. This will make you more likely to turn up in searches, which will help get you and your profile noticed.

2. Upload a Professional Headshot

You may not want everybody to see your picture on the internet, but the truth is that your photo can help make your profile look more authentic and professional. Make sure that your photo is not larger than 80 x 80 pixels. In a professional LinkedIn profile picture, your face will take up about 80% of the image. Your facial expression is vital – make it warm, friendly and show you are trustworthy and approachable.

Wear what you would wear to work and have a background that doesn’t distract your face. If you typically work in sweatpants and pajamas, be sure to dress as you would for an important meeting with a client, a presentation, or a similar professional event in your field. Solid colors work better in a picture. Remember that your LinkedIn profile photo is the reader’s first introduction to you, and make sure that you are the professional they would like to get to know.

3. Incorporate Relevant Industry and Job Specific Keywords

To increase your visibility on the LinkedIn network, you will want to include relevant keywords throughout your profile and job descriptions. Including the kind of words that you anticipate other people will search for is an excellent way to improve your search engine optimization (SEO), which will drive potential new contacts to your profile.

You may not fully understand SEO concepts, but remember adding more content to each area of your profile relevant to your heading, type of position you are seeking will be adding SEO to your profile. Think about what your readers would be typing in to find you, and include that language to help them connect.

4. Building a Professional Network

It’s important to take some time to build and expand your network. Not only will you make contact with potential new colleagues who can assist you in attaining your career goals, but you’ll also meet people to whom you can be a resource. It is a two-way street – you need to give to receive. Build your network by connecting with other LinkedIn members.

Join relevant groups and participate in group conversation threads with engaging questions or comments as a way to unlock the power of this platform. Read and respond to your connections’ status updates. Post status updates to pique the interest of your connections. The more relevant connections, the better it will be for you because you will have access to potential job leads or opportunities if this is your goal.

5. Post Recommendations

Make your LinkedIn profile more interesting by getting recommendations. References or testimonials will increase your credibility and establish your professionalism in your chosen career. Give recommendations, when appropriate,  to your colleagues and connections where appropriate.

One way to quickly enhance your profile is by pairing up with a close colleague to write recommendations for each other. Be sure to write powerful testimonials for one another that would encourage a potential hiring manager to consider your candidacy. Both of you will have enhanced profiles with useful information about the value you can bring to organizations.

There are many ways to explore the possibilities of what LinkedIn can offer to make your job search more productive and convenient. Through learning the important aspects of this website, you increase your online visibility and, thereby, be on your way to getting hired in a short period.

Creating a compelling profile will help to start building your online professional network immediately. Your goal should be to show your best qualities and your professional story in a passionate manner that will be interesting for your audience and entice recruiters or decision-makers to stop and read.

Do you want some extra help making sure that your LinkedIn profile stands out for all the right reasons? Learn more about our LinkedIn profile writing service.