How to Organize and Use Your Teaching Portfolio

In today’s times, the teaching job market has become extremely competitive. This is why you need that something extra which gives you an edge over other job applicants and creating your teaching portfolio is a great way to get that edge. When all things are equal between two job applicants, one with strong and well documented material can help to tip the scales in their favor. In this article, we show you how to organize your teacher portfolio and also how to use it effectively.

How to Organize and Use Your Teaching Portfolio

Creating Your Portfolio

A teacher portfolio is a collection of different materials that help to document your experiences as a teacher and describe the various aspects of your teaching ability. The various things that go into a teacher portfolio are:

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In addition to the above, teacher portfolios always include a resume and cover letter. It is best to get these written from an expert as these documents can be the difference between you getting hired or not.

As you continue to grow as an educator, you should review your teaching portfolio from time to time and add documents and materials to it that evidence your teaching abilities.

How to Use Your Teacher Portfolio

Teaching portfolios are used along with your teaching job application. Here are some ways of using them:

Thus, by creating a comprehensive folder of your teaching artifacts and using it properly, you can increase your chances of being hired significantly.