Teaching Philosophy of Education Examples

Writing a philosophy of education statement to submit with your resume and cover letter is an enormous benefit to your job search. When you put together your teaching portfolio, a teaching philosophy should be a vital component.

Creating a quality, creative teaching philosophy can be difficult; getting started can be the hardest. My first piece of advice for writing this important document is to ensure it reflects who you are as an individual.

A well-written philosophy can help you to secure your first teaching job, a new position, tenure, or promotion. Write it clearly, concisely, and true to who you are as an educator. It can set you apart from the competition and give you an added advantage to securing your dream teaching position.

If you are struggling with ideas these two examples of philosophies may help you get started. Your philosophy statement should be targeted to your area of expertise. These two philosophy samples were focused on an elementary teacher and a special education teacher.

In this first example you will see that Roberta's philosophy statement really shows the enthusiasm she exhibits in the classroom to help students achieve academic and social success. 

Philosophy of Education Example

View the above philosophy in PDF format.

Writing A Teaching Philosophy Statement

Usually, a philosophy of teaching statement is one page to one and a half pages in length and illustrates an educator's beliefs about education, learning, and working with students. The narrative covers numerous different issues, and, therefore, must be very concise because you don't want to ramble on for more than two pages. You will notice that both of our samples are limited to one page in length.

The writing of the statement can vary, but most use a straightforward, narrative essay approach. More creative educators may use a poem format. Others may pose questions and then their responses. All of these are valid methods. Our statements mainly use a personal essay format with limited use of bullets, bolding/italics, and quotes to help with readability and grab readers' attention.

Have a look at the fictionalized special education teaching philosophy example for Nancy Drew below

Special Education Philosophy Statement Sample

View the above philosophy in PDF format.

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These samples will provide you with some insight into how to create your own strong philosophy to submit to schools of interest.

Please remember that these two samples are not the only styles of philosophy statements we use. Each one is made personalized to you.

At A+ Resumes for Teachers, we can create a philosophy of education that reflects your personal beliefs and teaching style; just let us know your thoughts.

Questions We Use to Help Us Develop a Teaching Philosophy Include:

The writing of the statement must be reflective and personal. You will be judged on grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, as well as on your thoughts about teaching. It is critical to have a well-organized, thoughtful, and error-free document, which gives a vivid picture of you as an educator.

After reviewing our teaching philosophy statement examples, you will see why we make the guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

If one of the examples you see appeals to you, just let me know! If you'd like to discuss our service, I'd be happy to talk with you.

Your philosophy of education will help to sell you to potential schools as a talented educator. You need this document to shine and to truly encapsulate you and your teaching style.

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