Teacher Philosophy of Education Statement Sample – Values, Beliefs, and Actions Teaching Summary

Many educators have a difficult time conveying their thoughts and beliefs properly to create the perfect philosophy of education statement. It's not because they don't know what they are, it usually because they have a hard time communicating them in a written format.

A teacher philosophy of education statement has become an essential element of an educator's teaching portfolio. In this sample teaching philosophy statement, we discuss Roberta's decision to pursue a career in teaching and that there has been many individuals along the way that helped establish her professional and personal goals and objectives.

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We go on to explain the teaching style she uses in the classroom to engage students while addressing each child's learning style and ability. Talent to build meaningful relationships with her students and the determination to go the extra mile were included as her two greatest strengths as a teacher. The statement ends by discussing the goal to instill a passion for learning within students and provide an environment that is encouraging and positive.

Roberta's philosophy statement of education really shows the enthusiasm she exhibits in the classroom to help students achieve academic and social success. 

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Sample Philosophy of Education Statement

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