Teacher Autobiography Sample

When composing an educational autobiography you want to highlight your unique and important life experiences and summarize them in one or two pages.

Educators are using an autobiography in their portfolio more today than ever before, especially those in higher-education positions, such as college instructors, deans, and university professors. Many corporate trainers, teachers, superintendents, principals, or assistant principals also incorporate them into an about me page or in their job search portfolio.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

Social networking in education should be an important part of your education job search. Autobiographies don’t replace a searchable LinkedIn Profile to showcase you as an educator.

Career changers also use an autobiography in their portfolio to show the reasons they are making the transition into education.

In the sample we discuss Elizabeth’s desire to be a stay-at-home mom prior to embarking on her teaching career. From this experience she gained an awareness of the needs children have and can enter the teaching field with a transformed idea of what she would like to achieve.

While writing your teacher biography, make sure you don’t include any negative details, think of the reader’s perception of what you have done.

View this philosophy of education statement in PDF format.

Teacher Autobiography Sample

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