Education Resignation Letter Sample

Are you needing to write a teacher resignation letter? Here is a sample teacher resignation letter due to relocation.

This sample teacher's resignation letter is a great example of how to write a professional teacher resignation letter. It is concise, visually appealing, and contains all pertinent information.

You will notice it contains a header that includes the teacher's name and contact details. This makes the letter look professional. It also is designed like a letter with the principal's contact details and the date in the top left corner.

The letter itself is short and to the point. There is no need to write a long or detailed teacher resignation letter. It only needs to include the necessary information: the fact that you are resigning, the date of your resignation, statement of appreciation for the opportunity, and the reason for your resignation – which is optional.

There are many different reasons why a teacher may resign from his/her position. In this sample teacher resignation letter, the writer, John, is resigning to take a teaching position which is closer to his home. You might write a resignation letter for many other reasons, some of which may include: finding another teaching position, relocation, maternity leave, or personal reasons.

If the reason you are resigning has to do with the school itself, don't mention your reason as you don't want to be negative in your letter and you also don't want to burn any bridges with your former employer.

In this sample teacher resignation letter, John also mentions that he is willing to help with the transition. This is a nice gesture that you can add into your resignation letter to help you leave on positive terms. If you are writing your teacher resignation letter mid year, it may require extra tact in order to leave on a positive note, as schools do not like when teachers leave mid school year.

This resignation letter sample can be a helpful starting point for writing both a teacher's or principal's resignation letter.

Sample of a teachers resignation letter

Before resigning from your current teaching position, it is always a good idea to have your academic resume and cover letter updated and ready to go before submitting your resignation letter. This is only a job resignation sample, every situation is unique and should be dealt with professionally in order not to burn bridges or lose potential job references.

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