Teacher Resignation Letter Sample

Do you need to write a teacher resignation letter mid year or before the end of your contract? Or, maybe you need to write a teacher resignation letter due to relocation or for another job opportunity.

Whatever the reason, writing resignation letters can be tricky. You don't want to leave the school on bad terms, so it's important that the letter you write is well written.

This teacher's resignation letter sample shows a teacher leaving her contract because she will be transitioning out of the classroom into an administrative position in a new school. In order to ensure she leaves her current school on a positive note, she has written this professional and gracious resignation letter.

First, you will notice that the letter looks professional due to its letterhead, layout, and use of white space. The letterhead contains her name and contact details followed be a border line to separate the header from the rest of the document.

The resignation letter is properly formatted as a professional letter, so the principal's contact details and the date are found in the top left corner.

When you write a resignation letter it should be short and concise. Jane's letter consists of four short paragraphs. The first sentence of the letter states her intention to resign from the school at the end of the school year.

In the second paragraph, she states how much she has enjoyed working at the school. This is important to soften the blow and help her to leave on a positive note. When resigning from a teaching position, it is important to try and not burn any bridges. You want to be able to have your professional references in order.

The third paragraph details the reason for her resignation. This paragraph is completely optional as it is not necessary to state the reason for your resignation in your resignation letter. This is because your principal probably already knows your reason if you've spoken with them about your resignation. However, if you choose to include it in your resignation letter, this is a great example of how to do so.

The last paragraph ends the letter in a polite and amicable way, wishing the school success in the future and hoping to work together in another capacity in the future. Then, Jane ends the letter with a sign-off, leaving space to formally sign the letter.

This teacher's resignation letter sample can be helpful for any teacher resigning from their job. If you are writing a resignation letter for school teacher due to pregnancy or personal reasons, you will just need to alter it for your specific circumstances.

Teachers Resignation Letter Example

Remember, this is only an example of a teacher job resignation letter. Every teacher's situation is unique and should be dealt with professionally in order to not burn bridges or lose potential job references.

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